Decorating the Cross, Pt. 3

Decorating the Cross, Pt. 3

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Decorating the Cross, Pt.3              

1 Corinthians 13:7                 3-7-21

Bottom Line: For love to be godly love, it must include some essential qualities.


 A. In 2017 a new live action Beauty and the Beast came out.  Started debate comparing it to the animated version.

   1. I dearly loved the original animated version.

   2. It was cute, made me laugh, it was a cartoon.

 B. The new version is one of my all-time favorite movies!

   1. New and old music is incredible – Top grossing film!

   2. The character interaction and story telling is awesome.

   3. It touches me and moves me!

 C. After they get past external and they begin to fall in love – use his mirror to see her dad is in trouble.

   1. He tells her to go to him and she rushes away.

   2. Cogsworth the clock, “Why did he let her go?” Mrs. Potts says, “Because he loves her.”

 D. Love is both attitude (feelings) and action (doing)!

   1. Paul’s description of this perfect & greatest gift includes both.

   2. Remember, 1 Cor.13 is about the body of Christ!

1. Love is an attitude (feeling in the heart) vs.4-6

 A. Positive: Love is – patient and kind

 B. Negative: Love is not or does not –

   1. Envy, boast, proud, rude, self seeking – Ego

   2. Easily angered, keeps record, delights in evil – Emotions

 C. Love defines and describes a cross driven life!

2. Love is ACTION (doing loving things) vs.7

 A. Love IS, ISN’t, and ALWAYS! Why ALWAYS?

   1. Always = consistent; no conditions, no sometimes…

   2. Always = committed; love is a covenant

   3. Always = fearless; it takes courage to stay the course

 B. What are the things love ALWAYS does? Positives…

   1. Protects = defend, shelter, help

   2. Trusts = believe, supports, assumes the best

   3. Hopes = positive, expects better, thankful

   4. Perseveres = diligent, focused, determined

 C. There is a negative to all these positive things

   1. If love is ALWAYS anything that means it isn’t easy!

   2. What these four have in common! Not easy!


 A. A the very beginning of his ministry Jesus began telling his apostles that he had an appointment to keep and he couldn’t miss it!

B. He came to earth knowing what he had to do.

C. Remember Cogsworth, “Why did he let her go?” and Mrs. Potts answer, “Because he loves her.”

D. “Why did he drink the bitter cup of sorrow, pain, and woe? Why on the cross be lifted up? Because he loved me so!”


Bible Study for Sunday, March 7, 2021

Decorating the Cross: 1 Corinthians 13:7

1.  Do you have a favorite story or movie about someone changing what they were going to do because of love?

2.  Do you agree with the statement that love is both attitude and action? Why?

3.  What do envy, boasting, proud, rude, and self seeking have in common?

4.  What does being easily angered, keeping records of wrongs, and delighting in evil seem to have in common?

5.  Why is love the best description of a cross driven life? If not, what is?

6.  If something is described as “always,” what does it mean?

7.  What does it mean that love always protects?

8.  What does it mean that love always trusts?

9.  What does it mean that love always hopes?

10. What does it mean that love always perseveres?

11. The biggest negative that goes with these four “always” qualities is that they are NOT EASY. Is that a true statement? Why or why not?