Don’t!                                                                        3-31-19

Bottom Line: “Don’ts” are simply a way of clarifying what we really should do.


 A. Everyone has a favorite Harry Potter movie.

   1. If you could watch only one? Varies w/ mood. (List)

   2. The first, all new, exciting discoveries for Harry! Intro to Hogwarts and the world of magic!

 B. Even with all the wonders of a world of magic, there where rules!  Do’s and Don’ts!

   1. Dumbledore’s warning about the forest – off limits!

   2. “Don’t” = allure & wonder!  Temptation!

 C. Any time there are Do’s – there must be Don’ts!

   1. Part of life! Always and everywhere!

   2. Parents! Teachers!  Govt. & laws! Common sense!

 D. Some of my favorite Don’ts!

   1. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

   2. Don’t eat yellow snow!

   3. Don’t ask a woman when the baby is due if she hasn’t announced it yet!

   4. Don’t agree to go Snipe hunting!

   5. Don’t drink 4 cups of coffee w/ a late breakfast and then go to a movie!  You will miss part of it!

   6. Don’t ask anyone over 60 what the “Good ole days” were!  You don’t have enough time for the answer!

 E. Don’ts in the Bible that we all know about!

   1. The Ten Commandments (In modern English/NT) 9/10

   2. The Temptations of Jesus, Mt.4:1-10, 1 of 3 (vs.7)

   3. The Love Chapter, 1 Cor.13:4-8 Do’s & Don’ts (2-6-6)

 F. Don’ts concerning One Another passages (some)

1. Don’t harm one another!

 A. Principle of love and being Christlike!

 B. Romans 14:13, Stop!  NOT!

   1. 14:15, Love!  Do not destroy!

   2. 14:16, Do not let good be spoken of as evil!

   3. 14:20, Do not destroy for the sake of food!

   4. 15:1-3a, Do not please yourself!

2.  Don’t let your rights rule over loving one another!

 A. Rights & freedoms are amazing but not paramount!

 B. Galatians 5:13-15

   1. Liberty as license! No law! Wonderful grace?

   2. Clearly about how we treat spiritual family!

   3. No love! Bite & devour! Destroy one another!

 C. 5:26, after flesh vs. Spirit!  Don’t be conceited?

3.  Don’t be dishonest with one another!

 A. We are on this journey together! We need support!

 B. We can’t help one another if we aren’t honest!

 C. Col.3:1-14, 1-8 Journey, 9 honest, 10-14 unity!

4.  Don’t complain and argue with one another!

 A. A Do that’s really a Don’t! Phil.2:14 Everything!

 B. James 5:9, Don’t grumble against one another!

 C. James 4:11, Don’t slander one another…

5.  Don’t discourage one another!

 A. Eph.4:29-31, Paul’s three challenges…

   *Unwholesome, * Grieve HS, * Get rid of…


A. Yes is always more enjoyable than No!

B. Our Father is a YES God – No is to protest us!

C. Don’t ignore them! Gal.6:7, Do not be deceived: