Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another

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Encourage One Another                                      3-20-22

Bottom Line: Encouraging one another is an integral part of being a family.


 A. Encouraging or discouraging David. 1 Sam.16-17

 B. Doubts about preaching my Senior year. Bro. Sam helped.

 C. Would you be a child of God today if someone hadn’t encouraged you? Who? When? Where?

 D. What have you done or become because someone encouraged you?

 E. Encouraging one another is one of the primary elements of being a family.

 F. There are many verses that talk about encouragement, but let’s just look at one. Hebrews 10:22-25

   1. vs.22-23, three things we must do to grow in Christ

          *Draw near to God = faith, cleansed, forgiven

          *Hold unswervingly to hope/confession of faith

          *Trust God – He will deliver!

   2. vs.24-25 Help one another do the same thing! READ!

1. Be Thoughtful! (Consider how…)

 A. A foundational element of all relationships.

 B. A reliable measurement of spiritual growth. Phil.2:1-5

 C. “Consider how” = seeking ways to encourage others!

2. Be Intentional!  (…love and good deeds)

 A. Older: “stir one another up” – What are you stirring?

 B. Give reasons and opportunities to grow in love and good deeds!

 C. How can we be intentional? Be thoughtful!

3. Be Present!  (…meeting together)

 A. Sad sign of our times = “absentee Mom or Dad” – Why?

 B. Church family is only a strong as our togetherness!

 C. Do not miss the chance to give encouragement!

4. Be Persistent!  (…as you see the Day approaching)

 A. “All the more” = the longer together the more we encourage! Just like family does.

 B. Why? It is what growing in grace does? 1 Peter 4:8

 C. We are all one another’s cheerleaders!


A. Who have been your greatest cheerleaders in life?

B. No one is a greater cheerleader for us than God!

C. How? Love! Jesus! Holy Spirit! Angels! Family!

   * Angels rejoice when one is found!

   * Do they rejoice at other times? Over us?

   * Give them a reason to rejoice today!