Forgive One Another

Forgive One Another

Forgive One Another                                  4-14-19

Bottom Line: We must remove resentment from our heart if we seek a relationship with God.


 A. When Adam and Eve left the garden, they weren’t the new family in town!

   1. They were the only family & there was no town!

   2. Everything was starting from scratch!

 B. Two sons, Cain & Abel, grew into adults.  Cain was a farmer while Abel was a shepherd.

   1. Lived on meat & veggies! Offered both to God!

   2. “The Lord looked w/ favor on Abel & his offering”

   3. Angry & downcast – God noticed – warned about it! “Sin is crouching at the door, it desires to have you, but you must master it.”  Intentional & proactive, or…

 C. Resentment built – maybe always there – murder!

   1. God confronts – Cain ignores – punished & cursed

   2. What was the curse? No farming but wandering. More important – no covenant relationship with God!

 D. Resentment is progressive and possessive!

   1. Refusing to forgive?  Does both!

   2. Webster: forgive = to cease to feel resentment against an offender; pardon; to give up resentment

 E. The battle to forgive is the battle to get rid of resentment!  Self & spiritual destruction!

   1. Jesus in the Sermon on the Mt: Mt.5:38-48! Concern?

   2. Pray like this: 6:9-13; Explained in vs.14-15

 F. Learning to forgive and letting go of resentment may be the toughest thing we ever do!  Why?

   1. Human Nature!              2. Ego!

   3. Hurt! Haunts you!          4. Retribution! Pay for it!

   5. Off – the – hook?           6. Sin!

 G. Why does Go require us to be forgiving?

1.  Resentment is a Spirit Killer!

 A. It is spiritual cancer and a fatal heart disease!

 B. It is progressive & possessive! Eph.4:32 (17-31?)

 C. Learn from Cain!  1 John 3:11-15

2.  Resentment keeps us from embracing grace!

 A. We get it…but we don’t get it!

 B. The unmerciful servant, Mt.18:21-35 “unless…”

 C. Love can’t grow w/o forgiveness! Col.3:12-14

3.  Resentment keeps us from knowing God!

 A. It’s rubbish compared to knowing God! Phil.3:7-11

 B. God is love – love covers sin – forgiving sin is knowing God!

 C. Do you really want to know God? Be honest!

   1. Simple way for us to find out.

   2. 1 Jn.4:7-12, love one another = God in us!


A. The irony of being unforgiving & resentful?

   * Being sinful about other’s sins!

B. Notice something about a familiar verse: James 5:16

   * “that you may be healed”! Who? You!

C. Do you need healing from resentment?

   * Confess it * Pray about it * Let go of it!