From Hug to Holy

From Hug to Holy

From Hug to Holy                                 9-22-19

Bottom Line:  Every real relationship carries the respon- sibility to make the right choices.


 A. Finally! A relationship with God! (How did it happen?)

   1. Son in pig pen heading home – guilt & I’ll be a servant

   2. Sees Dad way out from home looking for him!

   3. Realizes he’s loved, missed, and longed for…

   4. Runs to his Dad – hugs – confesses = servant!

   5. Dad’s rejoicing – ALIVE! FOUND! RETURNED!

   6. Robe, ring, sandals, & feast! Older bro not happy!

 B. A new & honest relationship with God! What now?

   1. The party is over – now it’s time to get back to work!

   2. Will the relationship deepen or be forgotten in the routine of life?

 C. What do you expect from a relationship with God?

   1. Godship is living & thriving = growing in God

   2. Steps become a display of love! Natural!

 D. What does God expect from a relationship w/ us?

   1. Love me: Duet.6 – Matt.22:34-40 = greatest command

   2. 1 Jn.3:21-24, all 4 steps – live & obey & indwell!

 E. Every relationship shares a common expectation…

   1. Being responsible for that relationship

   2. Friendship? Marriage?  Parenting?  Godship?

 F. We must move from hug to holy – Be responsible!

   1. We live in a time when people refuse responsibility


 G. From hug to holy means being responsible for our choices!

   1. Godship in 1 Peter 1:13-16!  “Therefore…”

*Being responsible for our choices means we…

1.  Choose Grace!  vs.13

 A. “Prepare your minds for action…”

   1. Proactive – not disengaged, distant, & uninvolved

   2. Grace motivates = Forgiven! Cleansed! Redeemed!

 B. “Be self-controlled”

   1. Ownership!  It’s my soul and my choices!

   2. Choose to do the right thing: say “no” to relationship killers and things that harm you

 C. “Set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus is revealed”

   1. Hope is a possession not a wish! We HAVE it!

   2. Grace is timeless: past, present, & future

2.  Choose Growth!  vs.14

 A. God is our father not our buddy! We obey!

 B. Fight the world’s pressure to make you conform!

 C. Don’t slide back into ignorance! You know better!

3.  Choose God!  vs.15

 A. Not just a relationship but godliness! Be like Him!

 B. The closer the relationship the greater the unity and likeness!  Influence changes us.

   1. Friends & couples begin to think & act alike

   2. God & Jesus are one! We are called to be one!

 C. Being holy is not perfection (like God) but grace driven godliness!  We must make holy choices!


A. Remember: Jesus wanted us to see God as a Father…

B. The prodigal son was a mess – mistakes- stupid, but he took responsibility for changing and returning to Dad!

C. What happened after the hug?  What about you?