God Heals Demon Possessed

God Heals Demon Possessed

God Heals Demon Possessed                  8-4-19

Bottom Line: Demon possession has been replaced by our personal demon obsessions, but God can still heal us.


 A. William P. Blatty’s, The Exorcised, was published 1970. It sold 12 million copies.

   1. Movie in fall of ’73 – hugely popular and scary

   2. 12 yr. old girl named Regan possessed, young Father Karras called in for exorcism but faith problems – Older Father Merrim comes w/ experience

   3. He dies of heart attack, Karras calls demon out to “take me” – leaps in him & he leaps out window

 B. Based on actual case in 1949 – 14 yr old boy in Mr. Rainier, MD – strange behavior – while family visited STL consulted w/ Priest about exorcism – Archbiship of STL gave permission – Apr.1949 ritual worked

   1. Washing Post brought national attention – popular ritual worldwide – esp. w/ Catholics & Anglicans – many

   2. Wall Street Journal, Dec.10, 1974, Several London psychiatrists observed that those people suffered from psychological obsession rather than demonic possession.

   3. Jeane DIxion, “An individual is more likely to become obsessed than be possessed..”

 C. Let’s explore this strange subject. It is in the Bible

1. Demon Possession

 A. Defined as “the invasion of a human being by an evil spirit or power…”

 B. In the New Testament, true demon possession was common. Clear distinction between it and ailments of the mind and body.  (They understood epileptic seizures)

 C. Jesus healed many who were demon possessed

   1. He never performed an exorcism. A ritual that was developed centuries later.

   2. Jesus had authority over unclean or evil spirits!  He gave that power to his apostles

 D. When and why did Jesus heal the demon possessed?

   1. Man w/ evil spirit in Capernaum, Mk 1, Lk 4 – talked to him – Compassion but teaching about Sabbath too

   2. Demon possessed man, blind & mute healed – Mt.12, Mk 3, Lk 11, – brought to Him

   3. Two demon possessed men in Mt.8 sent into pigs

       Legion in Mk 5, Lk 8 – talked, sent into pigs

   4. Demon possessed blind & mute, Mt.9 brought to him

   5. Daughter of Canaanite woman – Mt.15, Mk 7- healed from distance from her faith

   6. Father for son after Transfiguration – disciples couldn’t do it – Mt.17, Mk. 9, Lk. 9, Rebuked demon)

D. Satan doesn’t have the power to possess today like he did then – he has been bound and limited

   1. Prophecy of Zechariah 13:1-2 coming of kingdom God would restrict the power & activities of Satan

   2. Jesus lesson about the binding of the strong man in Luke 11:21-23 talking about Satan

   3. Jesus telling about the falling of Satan in Luke 10:18

   4. Christ was victorious over Satan from temptations and limited his power – Col.2:15, Eph.4:8, Rom.8:35-37

   5. What the apostles did in Acts was the last of it.

2.  Demon Obsession

 A. This is a choice we make to let Satan have control

 B. A process we refuse to interrupt:  Heb.12:1; 2 Peter 2:20-22; 1 John 2:9-11; 15-16

 C. Obsession is connected to addiction

   1. Addiction is loss of self-control – no decisions just a lifestyle of being controlled by something or someone.

   2. Creating our own demons that possess and control us

3.  Possessed by our demon obsessions (3 Key demons)

 A. Sin – driven by our wants (James 4)

   1. Ever present – never stop fighting!

   2. Present but not in control! Gal.5 “live like this”

   3.Controlling sins is addiction & possession!

          * Smoking – alcohol – drugs

          * Food consumption

          * Pornography

          * Smart Phones

 B. Satan – “resist” and fight!  Give and get support!

 C. Self-judgement – Rom.12:1-3; 8:30-31


A. Mt.8; Mk5; Lk8 – Legion was slowly killing himself

   1. Tombs – chained – cry out – cut self

   2. Fell before Jesus: man talking or demon?

   3. Healed! Begged to go with Jesus!

   4. “Go home and tell them what the Lord has done for you” – Went to Decapolis (10 cities) People amazed!

B. What or who possesses you?

C. Jesus still heals possession or obsession today!