God’s Draft: The Wrong Age

God’s Draft: The Wrong Age

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God’s Draft: The Wrong Age                                7-12-20

Bottom Line: God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called!


 A. We are fascinated by pro-athletic drafts. Who will get the call and become an instant celebrity and millionaire.

   1. Reward for talent and history

   2. Cheer and know they deserve it – most of the time

 B. Why haven’t you been drafted? Too…what?

 C. Remember things you were too young for?

 D. How about things you are too old for now?

 E. I love folks who ignore other’s expectations!

   1. Kids who excel – talents and intellect

   2. Athletes who are called “old” – Wainwright is 38?

 F. Too old or too young? Sad when it becomes an excuse!

 G. What keeps you from God’s draft? What disqualifies!

1. Are you too old for God’s draft?

 A. Look at Moses – Ex.2-14 – 80 yrs of training – shepherd

 B. Moses draft from a burning bush – his excuses:

   1. Who am I?  2. Who are you? 3. What if they don’t listen? 4. I am slow of speech!  5. Send someone else!

 C. 40 years of serving God & leading his people followed

   1. Mistakes? Yes, and penalties!

   2. Special relationship w/ God in old age!

2. Are you too young for God’s draft?

 A. David’s story – runt of six – worst job in family

 B. Did his Dad send him or his Father? See the battle!

 C. Saul “only a boy” 17:33; Goliath “only a boy” vs.42 – God said “He’s my draft choice!”

   1. 17 – struggles – king by 30 – reign 40 – died at 70

   2. Mistakes? Yes, but special walk w/ God  – wrote a lot!

3. Are you too un-draft-able?

 A. Why? Unqualified? Untrained? Under-gifted?

 B. Unworthy? Got sin, struggles, and doubts?

 C. Are you too old? Too young? Are you too Nobody?


 A. You have the qualifications God is looking for!

 B. Abraham needed to be 100! Jesus was 12!

 C. Don’t put man’s limitations on God’s draft!

 D. TOO is the first word of an excuse! The only place for TOO is “I’m too blessed to say no to God!”


Bible Study for 7-12-20

God’s Draft

1.  What are some memories you have of being too young for something you wanted to do?

2.  What are some things that you are too old for?

3.  Why is age used as an excuse to avoid serving God? When does it happen?

4.  What kind of things did Moses learn about leadership in his 80 years of living in Egypt and Midian? Did he learn anything about leadership?

5.  What do the excuses Moses offered to God in Exodus 3 & 4 tell us about Moses?

6.  How would you describe his relationship with God by the end of his life?

7.  At the beginning of David’s story, in 1 Samuel 16, what are some things that let you know his family thought he was too young?

8.  Both Saul and Goliath described him as “only a boy”! What changed their minds?

9.  What does the story/life of David tell us about God’s draft choices?

10. How important is it to be qualified for service to God?

11. What do you feel qualified to do for God? What could God do to help you be more qualified? What are you too young or too old to do for God?