God’s Miracles

God’s Miracles

God’s Miracles                        7-7-19

Bottom Line: God can and does everything He always did, just not always through man.


  1. Miracle is another overused superlative:  like love or hero
  2. With medical or physical recovery – miracle or natural?
  3. The problem of the unexplainable meeting the unknowable and being viewed through the eyes of faith – or no faith!  Start with Genesis 1:1
  4. What isn’t a miracle?  Difficult when God’s plan can’t be known – Isa.55:6-9
  5. The difference between God blessing and God intervening – both “good gifts”
  6. The difference between natural and supernatural – what is God’s will
  7. The difference between what glorifies God and what detracts from God – the potential problem of using man as the conduit.
  8. Miracles in the Gospels:
  9. Nature Miracles: water to wine, fishing, storm, walking on water, money in fish, etc..
  10. Bodily Healing Miracles: lepers, paralytic, withered hand, issue of blood, deaf, blind, ear, etc…
  11. Healing the Possessed by Demons: unclean spirit, blind & dumb, demons, relatives, etc…
  12. Miracles of Multiplication: 5000 & 4000
  13. Raising of the Dead: son of widow of Nain, daughter of Jairus and Lazarus
  14. X
  15. God’s proof or sign – Jesus w/ Thomas
  16. God’s absolute power – no doubts, Rom. 1:19

2. Miracles represent God’s plan and purpose.

          A. no doubts.  No ifs.  No maybes.  Most of the time.

          B. There is no other explanation for what happened.  At least in Bible examples – flood, sun still, virgin birth

C. Exception:  God’s plan to challenge our faith. “Who knows” and “Perhaps”

3. Miracles are God’s intervention in our lives to show us his power, presence, His plan, and His purpose.

A. Coincidences, good luck, unexpected blessings, unexplained protection and healing

          1. Angels are present to protect, guide, and help us grow

          2. The Holy Spirit is God’s providential arm – Romans 8

B. He places people in our life who we need or who need us.

C. He gives us calls, experiences, and “ah-ha” moments to help us grow.


  1. “ I was right there all the time!” – Indian right-of-passage story – blindfolded in the woods
  2. Acts 17:27-28 “God did this so that they would find him, though he is not far from any of us. For in him we live and move and have our being.” He surrounds us with miracles because he surrounds us!