Godship: Seeking

Godship: Seeking

Godship:  Seeking                                  8-25-19

Bottom Line:  There is nothing more important than seeking a deeper relationship with God.


 A. A word can be changed by adding a prefix or a suffix

   1. non, un, & anti = make a word negative or opposite

   2. Super, extra, & ultra – feed the need for superlatives

 B. I created a new word, Godship, by adding a suffix

   1. “ship” can be added to anything = descriptive noun

   2. Three meanings from adding ship to a word:

          a. State or condition of being something, friendship,


          b. Position, status, or duties: professorship, dictator

          c. Skill or ability: horsemanship, penmanship

 C. Godship = state or condition of being God or godly!

   1. Acts 17 – “In him we live and move and have…”

   2. Duties? Abilities? Both apply to being godly

 D. Godship represents being intimately connected to God

 E. Another made up word = churching!

   1. From noun to a verb – doing, acting, being, etc.

   2. Looking and acting like a church person

 F. I offer my two new words as opposite = antonyms

   1. Godship = a strong personal connection with God

   2. Churching = a strong connection w/ church, but not necessarily God

 G. What one word best describes your relationship with God? No one knows the truth but you!

   1. BFF? Judge, distant, mythical, mystical, stranger…

   2. Churching or Godship? Relationship or awareness?

 H. Three very important questions:

1. Do you really want to know God?

 A. In Luke 15, Jesus told us about two sons…

   1. To one, Father was a provider – take and run!

   2. To the other, Father was a boss to obey & a reward that was deserved!

   3. No Godship in either one! Sons like churching!

 B. Knowing God begins with faith!  Heb.11:1-6

   1. Faith pleases God! Without it…no pleasing God

   2. Faith is believing He exists!  Foundation of all…

   3. Faith is seeking Him! Intentional chasing…

 C. The biggest difference between Godship and churching might be seeking!  Churching w/o seeking?

2.  Why should you want to seek God?

 A. He created you to seek him!  Acts 17:24-28

 B. He loves you a lot!  John 3:16

 C. He wants to reward/bless you! Heb.11:6, Mt.7:7-8

3.  What does it mean to seek God?

 A. Desire:  intentional pursuit of a relationship

   1. God has always loved seekers – OT.114; NT 29

   2. Major theme in the Bible: Ask, seek, knock, Acts 8&10

 B. Draw near:  James 4:4-10, intentional persistence

 C. Discover:  learn, grow, understand – 2 Peter 3:18

 D. Dialogue: Talk & listen; Phil.4:6; 2 Thess.5:17

 E. Deepen:  more aware of the presence of God!


A. Lk 15 – Two sons who had no idea how much their father loved them! So close yet no Godship

B. Your one-word relationship w/ God – Abba = Dad

C. I can’t wait to hug my Dad!