Godship: Sensing God

Godship: Sensing God

Sensing God                                                   9-8-19

Bottom Line: As we seek and serve God, our relationship will deepen as we have a sense of His presence.


 A. Long distance relationships are hard to maintain.

   1. Often they are impossible and often they end

   2. The days of telephones and long-distance charges

 B. Is your relationship with God long-distance?

   1. Out of sight, out of mind!

   2. Call in periodically to check in, pay dues, “still here”

 C. Godship = desiring & pursuing a close relationship with God!

   1. Lessons are about the how & why of doing it!

   2. I assume you want Him!  Or, are you Churching?

 D. Four essential parts of Godship:

   1. Seeking God – wanting, desiring, and pursuing

   2. Serving God – a natural part of a growing relationship

 E. The scariest one is today:  Sensing God

   1. Scary because it’s more than the Bible!

   2. Scary because it’s a level of relationship we can’t fake!

 F. Let’s define “sensing”:

   1. Webster: (1) a meaning conveyed as significant, important; (2) a perceiving by means of our senses; (3) a conscious awareness or rationality; Latin = sensation or feeling

   2. Sensing God is an awareness of His presence!

    * Acts 17 “In Him we live…”; Phil.1:21 “For me to live is Christ” – indwelling, living, and always present

 G. Relationships are built on a sense of presence!

   1. Relationship Killers: Ignore! Take for granted! Reject!

   2. Churching can do all of them!

 H. What is involved in sensing God?

   * Assuming Seek & Serve are there…

1.  Sensing God involves real faith!

 A. The parable of the orange slice!

 B. Real faith isn’t fighting the battle of evidence!

   1. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Heb.11:1

   2. “By faith…” we do it!

 C. Real faith is sure & certain about the presence of God!

2.  Sensing God involves seeing the creator and not just His creation!

 A. God doesn’t like being replaced by His own creation!

   * Rom.1:18-25; It shows Him but must not replace Him.

 B. Creation admiration can give us a long-distance God!

 C. The parable of the small God:

   * Boy askes Dad what size is God – Plane in shy? Size?

   * Very small & hard to see – trip to airport – How big?

   * Wow dad! Huge! – “God’s size depends on how close or far you are to Him. The closer the greater & in your life”

3.  Sensing God involves hearing God’s guidance!

 A. Paul challenged disciples to be guided by God without having a Bible!

 B. How does God guide us? Does He talk to us?

   1. Sin, distance, & fear teaching keeps us from hearing

   2. Jn.10, the Sheep know the Shepherd’s voice

   3. 1 Cor.2:9-12, the Holy Spirit’s help

   4. Thoughts – Experiences – Godly People – Church Family – His Word, are all tools of God

 C. Sensing is tuning into God:  It’s not a miracle, a formula, or a special measure for special people

   1. How did God speak to Paul in 2 Cor.12:9 after praying

   2. “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” We block the hearing with our own sense of self strength!


A. How big is your God – depends on how close He is!

B. How well you hear Him depends on how close He is!

C. God can shout! When your heart screams “Don’t do that!”  It could be Him!

D. But most of the time He whispers His gentle guidance!

E. What is He saying to you right now?

   * “Nothing! My Bible is closed!” You’re blocking Him!

   * What is your heart telling you? Is He whispering!