He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!                                                      4-21-19

Bottom Line: Everything we believe and hope for completely depends on the reality of the resurrection.


 A. We all had times when we believed something but were wrong.  It’s part of learning and growing.

   1. I knew the Cards game was on channel 35 – Donna said 37 FMW!  Ended up on 75, due to Blues game

   2. Managing memories & perceptions can be tough!

 B. Sometimes we believe stuff that is just dumb!

   1. Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy – fun & grow out of

   2. Several predicted after WW2 that future people would deny the Holocaust – Eisenhower ordered pictures and German citizens to see it to prevent that!

 C. We all have some non-negotiable beliefs!

   1. “All men are created equal” – Right to life, but…

   2. Gen.1:1;  Matt.22:37-40;  John 3:16

 D. What would Paul say is clearly non-negotiable?

1 Cor.15 is his pronouncement of spiritual facts.

1.  The uncomplicated and simple Gospel!  Vs.1-11

 A. Taken your stand! Vs.1-2

 B. Things of first importance!  Vs.3-4

 C. Eyewitness accounts to confirm it!  Vs.5-11

2.  Without the resurrection, nothing else matters!

 A. Everything is confirmed by the resurrection!

 B. It was prophesied, planned, and carried out!

 C. To question or doubt the resurrection is to lose it all!

   1. If he wasn’t raised, then we won’t be, vs.12-13

   2. If he wasn’t raised, preaching & faith are a waste! v.14

   3. If he wasn’t raised, they were liars! V.15

   4. If he wasn’t raised, you are still in your sins! V.17

   5. If he wasn’t raised, the dead are lost, and you have no hope! Vs.18-19

3. “Christ has indeed been raised from the dead,” vs.20

 A. He reigns! With his Father!

 B. We believe it, even if it means hurt or death!

 C. We will become immortal and be victorious over death!


A. Because it true:  vs. 57 – 58

B. “…because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

C. What else in life can you say that about?