HeartSight – Seeing Grace

HeartSight – Seeing Grace

HeartSight: Seeing Grace                                            1-19-20

Bottom Line: God’s grace is not just forgiveness but everything God does to transform us into His children.


 A. I remember going to see the first Star Wars in 1977

   1. No one predicted its success or longevity

   2. Loved the final SW 9 – The Rise of Skywalker

 B. First of the 3 sequels, SW7 – The Force Awakens picks up many years after the last of the original trilogy.

   1. Introduced to Rey, Fin, & Poe, and new bad guy

   2. Leia & Hans Solo, married, had son, split up

   3. Their son is Kylo Ren, the new Dark Lord, turned from his Jedi training under Luke Skywalker

 C. Kylo is really bad & dark – Rey and Parents think he can be redeemed

   1. Hans confronts Kylo – thinks he can turn him, but…

   2. Kylo kills his father, Ren & Chewbacca scream, all cry

   3. Completely gone, seeking to kill Rey, Leia crushed

 D. What would your child have to do for you to give up on them?

   1. Take everything you have to give them, including love

   2. Run off and spend in on sin – end up in a pig pen!

 E. We don’t understand grace because we don’t see us through the eyes of God!

   1. God’s binoculars – doesn’t miss a thing

   2. Still loves us and waits for us to come home

1. What God sees when he looks at us! Eph.2:1-3

 A. Dead in your transgressions and sins!

   1. Where we lived, what we followed

   2. Beautiful words: were, used to, followed – past tense

 B. What we did – lived gratifying cravings of the flesh

   1. Sinful nature = couldn’t say no, stop, or quit!

   2. Following desires and thoughts – creative sin

 C. We were objects of wrath – deserving of God’s judgement!

   1. Selfish prodigals in the pig pen rather than home

   2. Kylo Ren – dark side – flood, defeat, death, & hell

2. What God did in spite of what He saw! Vs.4-5

 A. But because of his great love for us = Father love!

   1. He never saw us like we did

   2. Rich in mercy!

 B. Made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead

 C. By grace you have been saved

3. What God continues to do as He sees us! vs.6-10

 A. He moved us into His family = heavenly realm

 B. We become His poster child to the world!

   1. Show his incomparable riches of his grace

   2. Show the world his kindness – brag on us!

 C. Our faith – His grace – it’s all His loving gift to us!

   1. We can never earn or deserve it

   2. We have nothing to boast about ourselves – only Him

   3. We are transformed back to what he made us for


A. Great inspiring moving – Overcomer – about identity

B. Question asked “Who am I?” Basketball coach? Orphan, thief, and cross-country runner w/ asthma? Hannah Scott?

   1. Raise by grandmother, feels cheated by life

   2. Converted by HS principle – read Eph.1&2 what God has done for you – study and list – shares w/ drama class

C. What has God done for you? Can you see it?