HeartSight: Super Parents

HeartSight: Super Parents

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HeartSight: Super Parents                                  9-6-20

Bottom Line: Family is the primary place where be transformed means being Christ-like.


 A. One of our favorite musicals is Bye Bye Birdie. Came out in ’60 became a movie in’63. Dick Van Dykes breakout role.

   1. Conrad Birdie was coming to town. Elvis type rock star

   2. Main characters include the MacAfee family

   3. Harry MacAfee (Paul Lynde) & Mae Albert (Dick’s mom played by Maureen Stapleton) sing a great song about KIDS! Video Clip!

 B. Parenting has never been an easy job, yet it may be the most important job of our lives!

   1. Very little training & prep. Tend to copy our parents

   2. Parenting is forgetting what it was like to be a kid & what you did when you were a kid.

   3. I can’t imagine parenting in a tech driven world.

 C. God is and always will be the best parent. Living for Jesus means living a transformed life.

   1. It impacts all relationships, but especially in the Body. Eph.4&5

   2. It impacts our marriage, or children, & people we work with

 D. God can help us be super parents as our transformed lives changes how we raise and live with our children.

1. Transformed Parents!

 A. We treat others with a different spirit – 5:8-21

   1. Be light, Be wise, Be Spirit filled, and Be servants

   2. These are non-negotiable elements of godly relationships

 B. We apply those same principles to our family – our kids!

   1. Take them on our journey of growing in Christ

   2. If they don’t see it in us, were will they see it?

2. Transformed Kids!  6:1-3

 A. Children obey your parents!

   1. It’s right! It is always good to do what is right!

   2. In the Lord? Assumes godly parents & personal faith!

   3. They lived together even as adults – tribe

 B. Honor your father and mother!

   1. Honor = respect, proud vs. disappointment, listen

   2. Comes w/ a promise: Deut.5:7-21 10 Commandments; #5 is honor parents. 1-4 are gods, idols, name, Sabbath – warning but no promise

   3. “go well…and enjoy long life” – common sense & happiness

3. Transformed Dads!  6:4

 A. Why warn Dads? Culture & Dad’s tendency to be control freaks

   1. Truly think it’s for parents but Dad’s repeat Dad mistakes

   2. Applying the four “Be’s” is consistent godliness

 B. Don’t exasperate or provoke – probably older children

 C. Bring them up = actively raise them!

   1. Training and instruction of the Lord – teach your kids!

   2. Every child needs three essentials: Love, consistency, and clear direction!

   3. Parental control is a vehicle to self-control!


A. Disney’s most beloved and impacting movie was The Lion King in 1994.  Bond between Mufasa & Simba. Strong father figure!

B. Kids crave direction and mentoring

C. I had a Mufasa Mom – strong, selfless, & sacrificial

D. God can help us all be super parents! Use His plan!


Bible Study for Sunday, September 6, 2020

HeartSight – Super Parents Eph.6:1-4

1.  What is our number one source of knowledge and training about parenting?

2.  What are some things you said you would never do as a parent, but you did them anyways?

3.  “God is and always will be the best parent.” Is this a true statement? Why?

4.  How does the meaning of Eph.6:1-4 change when you see it through the lens of Eph.5:8-21? Apply the four challenges to parenting.

5.  Since obeying is rather obvious, how do children honor their parents?  What does it include?

6.  What does “the promise” to children that life will go well and be long probably mean?

7.  Why do you think Dad’s were given a special warning?

8.  What does “the training and instruction of the Lord” mean to you?

9.  Why or why not is this a true statement: Parental control is a vehicle to self-control?  What does it mean?

10. What does the popularity of The Lion King tell us about parenting?