Hi! My Name Is Jesus! (2)

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! (2)

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! (2)                                      10-25-20

Bottom Line: The temptations of Jesus are not a story but a description of who he is and what he did for us.


 A. Everyone loves The Muppets! Fun group of characters.

   1. Kermit the Frog is the leader and most popular

   2. His hit song, “It’s not easy being green” – sad & funny

 B. It’s not easy being me! I have a big problem with temptations! Sin not the singers!

   1. I am tempted by pleasure – what feels good! (Fritz’s)

   2. I am tempted by pride – what feels noticed! (Books)

   3. I am tempted by power – what feels in control! ($)

 C. It wasn’t easy being Jesus! Remember his temptations?        Matthew 4:1-11

   1. The passage is misnamed! It’s not THE Temptations!

          * It wasn’t the beginning nor the end! (30 yrs)

          * It was really not about sin but integrity!

          * It was an attack on Jesus but was all about us!

   2. Jesus challenged w/ pleasure, pride, and power!

 D. It is in the Bible to introduce us to Jesus

1. Hi! May name is Jesus, and I am the Son of God! Identity!

 A. Every time Satan said, “IF” Jesus had to smile! He knew exactly who Jesus was!

 B. He allowed Himself to be totally vulnerable! No special favors for God’s boy!

 C. “It is written” – his response and his writing too!

 D. He didn’t say “NO” he just ended the conversation!

          *He really was the Son of God!

2. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I am completely committed to you!  Character!

 A. Who would you fast 40 days for? No compromise!

 B. Who would you refuse recognition and attention for? No compromise!

 C. Who would you reject worldly success for? No compromise!

          * He really was committed to us!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I am showing you that you can do it! Leadership!

 A. He understands us because he has “been there done that!”

 B. He took Satan’s best shots!

 C. He showed that God’s will is always better! “It is written” was the voice of God!

          * He really did show us how to do it!


A. You can do it! “But I’m not Jesus!” Thank goodness! He did it all for us!

   1. He planned and agreed; 2. Gave up his home; 3. Left the spiritual; 4. Became human; 5. Waited 30 yrs;

6. Worked for 3 ½ years w/ reluctant group; 7. Gave up power; 8. Was beaten, abused, & killed!

B. “It’s not easy being”…What? Good? Godly? Grateful?

C. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I will help you!


Bible Study for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Matt.4:1-11

1.  What are some temptations that are easy for you to reject?

2.  I believe the Temptations of Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11 is misnamed. Why do you think I would say such a think?

3.  As you examine the three temptations, what is the lure or appeal of each of them?

4.  How would you have handled those temptations?

5.  How do the temptations show us that Jesus was the Son of God? Why would he smile every time Satan said, “If”?

6.  What does it mean to you that Jesus didn’t just say, “No”?

7.  Why does this experience show us His character? Why does it show his commitment to us? Or not?

8.  Why is it important that Jesus was tempted at all?

9.  Why did Jesus use scripture to answer Satan?

10. Is it true to say that this all happened for us? Why?