Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Feel Your Pain!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Feel Your Pain!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Feel Your Pain!                    John 4:4-26    11-22-20

Bottom Line: Jesus cares about our struggles and he knows exactly what we need.


 A. The story of the tough old Wyoming cowboy…

   1. Sometimes you get advice you don’t really need.

   2. Often there is advice we desperately need.

 B. Our health crisis is also a Mental Health crisis

   1. People struggle, hurt, anxious, depressed & worried

   2. Our Health Care Ministry is expanding into Mental Health Care. The need is great.

 C. Lizette Hill has been the point person to get this great new ministry going. I’d like to introduce her to you.

   1. Discussion of Mental Health ministry

   2. Some myths about Mental Health (2 weeks)

 D. The Bible tells us about an encounter Jesus had with a very special lady. We don’t even know her name.

   1. She was alienated, alone, disappointed & depressed, sad, hurting, and feeling hopeless

   2. The woman of Sychar in Samaria – John 4:4-26

 E. We learned a lot about her, but this isn’t about her

   1. It’s written to teach us more about Jesus

   2. Know him verses knowing about him

 F. Seven things this great encounter tells me about Jesus!

1. Hi! My name is Jesus and I am looking for you!

 A. Intentional! Noon – alone – Samaria – women’s work but a specific woman!

 B. For Jesus, there are no unnoticed people! Women!

 C. His call was not to the comfortable and cozy! Mt.11:28

2. Hi! My name is Jesus and please don’t let your prejudices get in the way of knowing me! Vs.7-9

 A. “You are… How can you…” Prejudice & generalizing!

 B. Who is on you list of “Those to avoid”?

 C. Prejudice, hate, & judging are all walls between us and Jesus!  Eph.2 – he takes down walls!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus and I have what you need! Living water! Vs.10

 A. He didn’t respond to her sarcasm. Appealed to her curiosity! “If you only knew…”

 B. Two challenges: The gift of God? The Son of God?

 C. What do you need? Jesus always has what we need.

4. Hi! My name is Jesus and please don’t put limits on me!

 A. vs.11-14, she failed to connect the dots of his teaching.

 B. Limits? Buckets, wells, & Patriarchs!

 C. What limits have you put on Jesus?

5. Hi! My name is Jesus and I know what you are struggling with! Vs.15-18

 A. Proper etiquette for husband to be present – stunned!

 B. Emotionally touched “I have no husband” – Failure!

 C. Jesus simply said, “I know” = Rattled, so change topic

6. Hi! My name is Jesus, and my Father wants a real relationship with you! Vs.19-24 Spirit & truth!

7. Hi! My name is Jesus! Do you know me? Vs.25-26

 A. Only occasion he openly revealed who he was!

 B. Connected the dots for her: Strange Jew to…


A. How are you doing with your dot connecting?

B. Do your dots lead to Jesus?


Bible Study for Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 4:4-26

1.  Why have so many people been reluctant to talk about mental health?

2.  What kind of worries do you think the woman at the well had?

3.  It is a great story, but why is it true that the story isn’t about her?

4.  Do you think Jesus was intentionally looking for her? Why? What does that tell us about him?

5.  What do we learn from her about the dangers of prejudice and generalizing?

6.  Why can prejudice be a wall between us and Jesus?

7.  What did Jesus mean when he offered her living water?

8.  She not only didn’t understand his offer, she questioned him about three different things. What were they?

9.  What does this story teach us about Jesus knowing what our struggles are?

10. What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth?

11. How did he help her connect the dots as to who he was?