Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Love Kids!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Love Kids!

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Hi! My Name Is Jesus! I Love Kids!        

 Matthew 18:1-14                    12-6-20

Bottom Line: A major goal of spiritual growth must include developing a childlike humility and spirit.


 A. There are few things as unflattering as egotism!

   1. Sports and politicians try to make it work, but…

   2. The Pharisee and the Publican, Luke 18:9-14

 B. There are many stories of someone needing to be broken and humbled before they can grow.

 C. Jesus teaches us a great truth about maturity being found in the immature!

   1. The question, vs.1: Who is the greatest in the kingdom

   2. The visual, vs.2: He called a little child to stand there

1. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I love a childlike heart! 18:1-4

 A. Change and becoming like a child to even be part of the kingdom of heaven!

 B. In the Kingdom of Heaven, humility is greatness

 C. Notice the contrast with the worlds view of life…

   * Ego wins? * Self over others * Day Care gift…

2. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I’m warning you to not be a corrupter of hearts! Vs.5-9

 A. “Welcome a little child like this in my name…” = ME!

   * A childlike spirit/heart is Christlike!

 B. The world is full of those who cause spiritual damage!

 C. “Woe to the man” = not making responsible choices

3. Hi! My name is Jesus and there is nothing more valuable than a childlike spirit/heart! Vs.10-14

 A. Feeling superior about anything is worldly! Faith?

 B. They have angels that are in God’s presence! He knows!

 C. One over the 99! What? It’s about need not greater love!


A. Matt.19:13-14 Disciples rebuked those bringing children!

B. Matt.21:12-17 Children shouting “Hosanna to the Son of God” – Pharisees indignant!

C. John 3, Jesus calls on us to be born again = chance to be childlike!


Bible Study for Sunday, December 6, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Matthew 18:1-14

1.  What are some experiences in your life when you were humbled?

2.  How does being broken or humbled help us grow spiritually?

3.  What does it tell us about the apostles that they were arguing about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?

4.  In what way does Jesus want us to become like a child?

5.  What defines greatness in the Kingdom of heaven?

6.  What is the connection between a childlike spirit and a Christlike spirit?

7.  When Jesus talked about welcoming “a little child like this one,” was he talking literally about children or figuratively about a childlike heart?

8.  How does Jesus feel about those who cause others to sin?

9.  How strongly does he feel about us getting rid of our sins?

10. What do you think angels do for children? (see vs.10)

11. What is the connection between children and the parable of the lost sheep? (vs.12-14) Was it intended to be connected?