Hi! My Name Is Jesus! You’re Not Crazy!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! You’re Not Crazy!

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Hi! My Name Is Jesus! You’re Not Crazy!     

Luke 8:26-39    12-13-20

Bottom Line: Only the unpossessed can sit at the feet of Jesus.


 A. What is Mental Health? It is not a disorder any more than a physical check up is a health problem.

 1. Keeping our minds healthy is good stewardship & survival

 2. A healthy mind is important to God! Minds & thinking are major topic of the Bible! “As a man thinks, so is he…”

 B. Interview with Lizette Hill about the Mental Health Ministry. What is it? What are the objectives? Survey…

 C. Many people are experiencing stress, anxiety, & depression because of all that is going on.

   1. Loss of control! Common to all!

   2. Choices? Cope or controlled? Problem vs. Possession!

 D. Can people be possessed today? Yes and no…

   1. My brother: poor self-esteem, alcohol, & smoking

   2. Controlled and destroyed

 E. Is there demonic possession today? Like The Exorcist?

   1. Clearly happened in NT times but ended

   2. No demonic possession but evil possession exists.

 F. One of my favorite Jesus encounters was with Legion in Luke 8:26-39 (Mark 5 also) Dramatic story and character but it’s recorded to teach us something about Jesus.

1. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I am looking for you!

 A. Repeated theme of seeking! Vs.26-29

 B. Out of control storm, vs.22-25; Reason for the trip

 C. Out of control problems: demon possession = mental health: naked, isolated, tomb living, seizures, restrained w/ guards, super strength to break chains, scarring people

2. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I want you to know you are not always defined by what controls you!

 A. vs.30-31, What is your name? Try to separate man & demon! Legion = many! MSG says “Mob”

 B. What does Jesus see in you? What possesses you?

 C. Demons beg for mercy in the presence of Jesus!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I am more powerful than what controls you!

 A. vs.32-33; More powerful than a Legion of demons!

 B. He didn’t destroy them – they picked an alternate plan!

 C. Ethical dilemma for Jesus? Destroy property? Not him!

   * What is the cost of removing what possesses us?

4. Hi! My name is Jesus and there is nothing I desire more than you sitting with me!

 A. 34-37; Beautiful sight, sitting at his feet learning & listening to Jesus

 B. Clothed and normal = healed; Jesus changes people!

 C. How many times has there been healing w/o sitting?

   * Like the people of the town who were fearful of him!


A. From demons begging to be spared to man begging to go with Jesus! Wanted to stay connected!

B. Jesus gave him a story to tell! Go home & tell it. Vs.39

C. Jesus gave us a story to tell!


Bible Study for Sunday, December 13, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Luke 8:26-39

1.  Why do you think so many of us are uncomfortable talking about mental health?

2.  How do we know that the Bible addresses mental health? How?

3.  Do you think people can be possessed by demons today? How? When?

4.  Jesus was immediately met by the demon possessed man in Luke 8. Does that show planning by him or Jesus or both?

5.  What were the signs of this man being completely out of control of his life? What would we call it today?

6.  Why do you think Jesus wanted to know his name?

7.  What is significant about the demons doing so much begging to Jesus?  Is it significant?

8.  Are there any lessons we can learn from the destruction of an entire herd of pigs?

9.  If the healed and sane man was sitting at the feet of Jesus, what does that say about the townspeople who asked Jesus to leave?

10. What lesson should we learn from Jesus refusing to let the healed man go with them when they left? (vs.39)