Hi! My Name Is Jesus!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus!

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Hi! My Name Is Jesus!                                               10-18-20

Bottom Line: The Gospels were written to help us know Jesus.


 A. The process of getting to know someone begins with meeting and learning names.

   1. Hi! My name is Mike. What is yours?

   2. You say, “My name is ________________!”

 B. Use pen & paper or Notebook on phone!

   1. What are your three most important relational descriptions?

   2. What are your three most descriptive names or titles?

   3. What are your three best descriptions of your walk with God?

 C. There was a guy who talked with God and didn’t know who he was talking to. Moses at the burning bush!

   1. Who will I tell Pharaoh sent me? I AM! What?

   2. I AM: a. Real; b. Only; c. Eternal (present tense)

   3. You have the only true & living God of creation behind you!

 D. Hi! My name is Jesus!

   1. Who? What? Why?

   2. Three descriptions about who he is:

     a. Relational names: Son, brother, friend

     b. Descriptive names: Carpenter, single, Nazarene

     c. Walk with God: I AM!

 E. The gospels exist to tell us about Jesus – according to John 1:1-5

1. Hi! My name is Jesus and I am Logos!

 A. It definitely changes how we sing a lot of our songs!

 B. Logos is the Greek for WORD.

   1. Read John 1:1-2

   2. Logos is the meaning of communication – understanding the spoken message

 C. Jesus was God and with God. Unity of nature but two different beings.

 D. “In the beginning” Jesus is an eternal spirit like God

 E. Jesus was part of the entire creative process! Vs.3

   * Psalms was about him too!

 F. Logos means he represents and explains God!

   * Do you know him?

2. Hi! My name is Jesus and I am life!

 A. “In him was life,” What a description!

 B. Life = zoe, means both physical (vitality) & spiritual life

 C. Life is embodied in Jesus: abundant, purposeful, and eternal!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus and I am light!

 A. Life and light are found in Jesus! Read vs.4-5

 B. Metaphorical contrast between light & darkness represents power of good & evil. Good is found in Jesus!

 C. He shines in darkness but darkness didn’t get it!

   1. Do you get it? Are you in darkness or light?

   2. We only are lights to the extent we embody Jesus!


A. Mental pictures are difficult. Trying to remember or imagine! Bible characters? History? Family & friends?

B. Incomplete descriptions. Can’t see details!

C. We have a description of Jesus to help us see him:

   1. Logos is a complete description of God

   2. Life is our greatest tressure when it includes our soul

   3. Light is all that is good, holy, and loving

D. That is Jesus! Do you know him yet?


Bible Study for Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 1:1-5

1.  How many different names, titles, or descriptions fit you?

2.  Why didn’t Moses know who was sending him on his trip back to Egypt? Who did he think was behind the burning bush?

3.  What do you think “I Am” means about God?

4.  What did the people of Nazareth know about Jesus after all those years together?

5.  What does John mean by referring to Jesus as the Word? (John 1:1)

6.  What does it tell us about Jesus that he was involved in creation?

7.  What does it mean that “in him was life”?

8.  Light is metaphorical for what? How is Jesus light?

9.  If Jesus is light, what does that tell us about how or why we should be light?

10. How does understanding Jesus as logos, life, and light give us a clearer picture of who he is?