Hug to Holy – Best Dad Gifts Ever!

Hug to Holy – Best Dad Gifts Ever!

Best Dad Gifts Ever!                                10-27-19

Bottom Line:  We are responsible for leaving our loved ones with a strong faith in God.


 A. Don’t you love movie credits at the end of a movie?

   1. They mean a lot to those people and their families

   2. The Marvel teasers changed things

 B. Credits mean nothing if the movie stinks!

   1. Usually we leave, stop, or fast forward

   2. With great movies, I don’t want it to stop…

 C. A funeral is like movie credits, if the life is no good, who, who cares about the credits?

   1. A list of achievements, awards, honors, & successes!

   2. OK, but more important things to talk about!

 D. The joy of remembering what was given! Life gifts!

   1. Prodigal learned that Dad was better than inheritance

   2. Things that blessed others & made them better!

 E. In our relationship with God, we are responsible for what we leave our loved ones when we die!

   1. Memories & Dad gifts or Papa gifts in our family!

   2. But what about things what will last after you are forgotten with time?  And you will be forgotten…

 F. My best-ever Dad gifts! Do your own application!

1.  Give your loved ones the gift of knowing you were a seeker!

 A. A lifetime journey for me!

   1. Periods of distraction -mostly when young, immature

   2. Struggles of faith: from borrowed to affiliative to owned faith!  It wasn’t always mine!

 B. A desire for an honest personal relationship with God!

   1. How to do it?  What does He want?

   2. Moved from smug legalism to broken seeker!

 C. Learned most from trying to help others figure it out! Heb.11:6 – I was a diligent seeker & He did reward me!

2.  Give your loved ones the gift of your integrity!

 A. Integrity is honesty!  Phil.3:7-11 I wanted to say this!

 B. Integrity is consistency! I hate hypocrisy! So did Jesus!

   * Our inconsistencies are magnified by our children!

 C. Integrity is tenacity!  Refuse to compromise your character!

3.  Give your loved ones the gift of knowing you love your spouse!

 A. Second only to knowing God – it’s the best thing you can give them!  Also, the greatest hurt when it stops!

 B. Second only to God’s love – the greatest love they will see!  The most life building and character affirming!

 C. Never stop building that loving relationship!  They never stop watching and learning!

4.  Give your loved ones the gift of you being an enabler!

 A. “Throw off everything that hinders” Heb.12:1-2

 B. Encouragement starts at home & touches all…

 C. “We’re all in this together” – a group journey!

5.  Give your loved ones the gift of knowing you are saved!

 A. It’s okay to want to be missed – part of what love is!

 B. Don’t add to the loss the worry & pity of questions & doubt?

 C. Step up and make it clear where you want to be for eternity! You believe it and live it – and die with it!


A. Saying farewell to Dean: “I will see you again!”

B. The parable of the Prodigal Son is really the parable of the loving Dad!  It’s about God and His love for us!

C. He is there for every life change we face!

   1. From Pig Pen to home – we became his children!

   2. The world is a pig pen compared to heaven!

D. Dad’s waiting! To welcome and to party with you!