Hug to Holy – Family

Hug to Holy – Family

Hug To Holy – Family                            10-13-19

Bottom Line: God gave us families to help us learn how to love like He does.


 A. 2 Peter 1:3-11, I have loved this since my HS days!

   1. Only step by step to spiritual growth!  Xian Graces!

   2. A confident way to gage our relationship with God!

   3. Most important, God provides all we need!

 B. “Everything we need for life and godliness…”

   1. Relational = through Jesus!

   2. Participate in the divine nature – with God!

   3. Escape the corruption in the world by evil desires

 C. God provides all we need to be w/ Him & be like Him!

   1. Godship: All that’s part of a personal relationship with God!

   2. Seek, Serve, Sense, and Share = relationship builders

 D. Responsibilities of a relationship with God

   1. He did & is doing his part! 2 Pet 1 & Rom.8

   2. What are our responsibilities? From Hug to Holy!

          * We are responsible for our choices

          * We are responsible for His message

          * We are responsible for His Glory

 E. We are responsible for the family he gave us!

   1. God provided every child of his w/ two families!

   2. Biological or natural family and a spiritual family!

 F. Why? What was his plan? Let’s interview God…

   1. Why did you even create mankind?

   2. What was the biggest problem in creating us in your image?

   3. What did you do to help us learn about love?

   4. How important is love when it comes to our relationship with you?

   5. What would you like everyone here to understand about family?

1.  What does it mean to be responsible for our biological family?

 A. Nature and culture teach us the basics

 B. It is important to God! 1 Tim.5:8

 C. We make it clear that God is our choice! “As for me…”

   1. Priority not a pastime! Eccl.12:13

   2. Spiritual focus!  Matt.16:24-26

2.  What does it mean to be responsible for our spiritual family?

 A. The one body is a support system – 1 Cor.12

   1. Gifts given by God for the common good, vs.4-11

   2. Every member is important and placed by God, so there is equal concern for each other, vs.12-26

   3. All seek the greater gift of love, vs.27 – Ch.13

 B. Family takes care of family!

   1. Health and growth in Christ! Eph.4:11-16

   2. Share in financial responsibilities! 1 Cor.16, 2 Cor.8

   3. Respect and love, 1 Tim.5:1-2 (widows in both)

 C. “Above all, love…” 1 Peter 4:8-11


A. The two families aren’t the same but both in Christ!

B. When will they be the same? At heaven’s reunion!

C. Who’s holding up the sign for you?