Hug to Holy: God’s Glory

Hug to Holy: God’s Glory

Hug to Holy: God’s Glory                          10-6-19

Bottom Line: Our entire lives must glorify God if we truly want a relationship with Him.


 A. Was there a time in your life when you hoped your parents didn’t know where you were or what you did?

   1. College? Military? People you associated with?

   2. Parent disappointment can be a driving force…

 B. Thinking of Dad while in the pig pen! “If he could see me now…”

   1. Sad – hurt – worried – disappointed but caring

   2. Shame & reproach – negative reflection on Dad!

   3. “Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.” Lk.15:18-19

 C. He came home to his Father!  Change of mind & action!

   1. Dad didn’t even listen to him! Love was greater…

   2. Dad, “Dead…alive; lost…found…celebrate!”

   3. He glorified his Dad by doing the right thing!

 D. Godship is an intimate relationship with God!

   1. Seek – Serve – Sense – Share – Build it!

   2. We are responsible for the relationship: for choice and for his message, and now…

   3. We are responsible for God’s glory!

 E. What is glory?  What is God’s glory?

   1. Praise or honor; thanksgiving; great beauty & splendor; exaltation; (verb) to rejoice proudly

   2. As a child or God, in a relationship w/ our loving Dad, to glorify God is to cast a positive reflection on him as worthy of our love, respect, and obedience.

 F. It is who we are and what we do!

   1. Ps.96:1-1-13; 72:18-19; Lk 2:14; Rom.3:23; 1 Cor.10:31; Col.1:27

   2. God is glorified when his creation does what it was created to do?

 G. What does it mean to be responsible for God’s glory?

   1. As his children, all we do reflects on him…

   2. WWJD is also what would Dad do? Or Mom do?

1. We are responsible for God’s influence!

 A. Let God be heard!

   1. Joshua & Caleb, Num.13 – 14:5-9; Rejected!

   2. Joshua after intermarrying, idols, etc. 24:14-15: won!

 B. Where will his influence come from if not us?

   1. Matt.5 – Jesus called us to be salt & light

   2. Matt.25 – Do for the least = do for him!

 C. There is no down time! 1 Cor.10:31

2. We are responsible for God’s reputation!

 A. What we do or don’t do reflects on God! Mt.5,6,&7

 B. Peter – Be holy (1:15-16); 3:8-17 Reputation reflects on God! 4:7-11, In all things God is praised; 4:12-19 Commit!

 C. Is God admired more because of you?

3. We are responsible for God’s transforming power!

 A. What? We are either better & changed because of him or not!  We can’t adopt the name Christian w/o changing!

 B. Jesus gave us identity! Jn.13:34-35 Love one another

 C. God changes us! Romans 8:1-2, 9-11, 12-17, ff vs.


A. The glory of a pig pen = no glory about God!

B. The message after returning to Dad! Glorify God!

C. We all glorify something or someone! What?

*Almighty dollar? *Happiness? *Matt.10:32-33