Hug to Holy – His Message

Hug to Holy – His Message

Hug to Holy – His Message                                 9-29-19

Bottom Line:  God gave us grace as a gift but also as a responsibility to give to others.


 A. The problem of selective hearing…

   1. Elderly couple at wedding – repeat vows – aeiou!

   2. Kids not hearing or understanding = The Lord’s Prayer

   * 3 yr old “Our Father, who does art in heaven, Harold is His name. Amen.”

   * Another 3 yr old repeating it with mom – go solo – clearly enunciated “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from E-mail.”

   * 4 yr old, “And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”

 B. A favorite family game – Papers… (pictures)

 C. Messing with the Message!

 D. The “what now” of Godship!

   1. Responsibilities of relationship building

   2. With God it’s about obeying & growing, 2 Pet.3:18

 E. Paul’s challenge for us to be responsible: 2 Cor.2-5

   1. 2:14-17, The aroma of Christ

   2. 3:1-3, Letters from Christ

   3. 3:16-18, Transformed into His likeness

   4. 4:7-12, Treasure in jars of clay – yet body of Christ

   5. 5:1-10, Early tent but heavenly dwelling

 F. His point: We are responsible for His Message, 5:11-15

   1. We try to persuade me, vs.11

   2. Christ’s love compels us, vs.14

   3. No longer live for self but Him, vs.15

 G. Grace is given to be given = His message of grace!

1. Our problem with Message Messers!

 A. Neglect: stop learning & growing, so no message

 B. Legalism = living & being saved by self-righteousness

   1. Looking for rules and regulations

   2. Works & Book Worship not tool use!

 C. Proof Texting: not looking for godly principles

   1. Support for pre-taught conclusions

   2. No attempt to see context or real lessons

 D. Borrowed Baggage – other’s teaching & opinions

   1. Loss of objectivity and receptivity

   2. Do your own seeking, thinking, and concluding!

 E. No contemporary perspective: How did they hear it?

   1. Context – Culture – Occasion must be considered!

   2. What is the over-riding principle being taught?

 F. Not seeking God!  Therefore, not an act of faith!

2.  God gave us a message and a responsibility!

 A. He gave us newness in Christ, 2 Cor.5:16-17

 B. He gave us His ministry of reconciliation, vs.18-19

   1. God’s desire was shared w/ us = reconciled us!

   2. Others need to hear about his love for them!

 C. He gave us an ambassadorship, vs.20

 D. He gave us the message, and it’s us, vs.21

   1. Jesus became our sin!

   2. Because of Jesus, we are right with God


A. Let’s play Papers! “We are Christ’s ambassadors”?

B. How would you draw it? What would be lost?

C. Easier game to play about us being responsible for His Message!  Tag! You’re it!