Jesus Feeds Thousands

Jesus Feeds Thousands

God’s Miracles: Jesus Feeds Thousands     8-11-19

Bottom Line:  God always takes care of those who seek Him.


 A. One of my earliest conflicts with an elder was about food.  “Let’s do something without food!”  Why?

   1. Many of our togetherness events center around it

   2. It was true with Jesus and those first followers

 B. Man’s struggles with God began with eating and ends with us sitting at a feast with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob.

 C. The miracles of Jesus fall into five area or categories:

   1. Nature, Healing, demon possession, multiply food, and resurrecting the dead.

   2. Today we are looking at His miracles w/ food

 D. Two times that are recorded, Jesus miraculously feed thousands of people. Water to wine was nature

   1. Feeding of the 5000 – ONLY ONE IN ALL FOUR

          Mt.14, Mk.6; Lk.9; Jn.6

   2. Feeding of the 4000: Mt.15:32-39; Mk.8:1-9

 E. Matthew 14 & 15 have both

   1. 5000 Mk. Adds they hadn’t eaten – too crowded; Jn. added the boy w/ the food & testing apostles

   2. 4000 Mk added the crowd had been w/ then 3 days

 F. What do we learn about God & Jesus from these miracles?  Some eternal principles…

1.  God knows our every need!

 A. He made us to need and want food!  His fault?

 B. We are what we eat…and why we eat! Mt.6

 C. God understands the joys and problems of eating

2.  God cares about our welfare!

 A. God’s care for Israel in Exodus: Manna & quail

 B. He always is moved with compassion

   1. Jesus impressed with their seeking – follow, 3 days

   2. They were hungry and it was late

 C. He promised to take care of us like the birds & flowers!

3.  God provides for his children! (Caring & doing)

 A. The character of God & Jesus – they provide

 B. The heart of a receiver – give thanks and share!

 C. Trust is faith being tested

4.  God gives us opportunities to grow!

 A. Everything is a learning experience

   1. Jn’s account: test apostles – boy w/ food

   2. All accounts: Apostles concerned w/ cost!

 B. What kind of opportunities does He give us?

   1. Share – fellowship – serve!  We do this well!

   2. The blessing of eating out? Can we use it?

 C. Ideas for turning our blessing to someone else’s

   1. Bless your server!

   2. Pay for someone’s meal: plan it or surprise

   3. Display friendship and kindness to everyone

   4. Pay always!  “Can we pray for you?”


A. John’s account of the 5000 – people got excited!

   1. 6:14-15 wanted to make Him king by force

   2. Over bread and fish?

B. How impressed should we be w/ what He’s done…

C. He doesn’t want to be king but savior and friend!