Jesus Raising the Dead

Jesus Raising the Dead

Jesus Raising the Dead                        8-18-19

Bottom Line: No one can experience the resurrection with Jesus.


 A. The loss of my Uncle Billy

   1. First of many in my lifetime

   2. School mates:  Bernie and Walt (many since then)

   3. Relatives: Grandparents, parents, siblings, etc

   4. Church family: 45 yr. x 5 = 225; 75 in 15 years here

 B. Life includes loss! The longer you live the more loss you will experience.

   1. Fact of life but also a fact of creation. Made to die!

   2. Made by God to be temporarily physical

 C. No one understands our loss better than God & Jesus!

   1. They don’t like seeing suffering and pain!

   2. It is temporary, like life is!

 D. Jesus enjoyed healing people! How could he not?

   1. Way more healing than what is recorded

   2. Moved with compassion = cared, felt, & acted

 E. Of all His miracles – nature, healing, demon possessed, multiply food – nothing is like raising the dead!

   1. Only three are recorded in the gospels

   2. All done out of love & to show his power over death

 F. Let’s look & learn from His miracles of resurrection!

1.  Review:  Why Jesus did miracles for people!

 A. The faith of others

 B. The faith of the one helped

 C. He was moved w/ compassion

 D. To challenge and teach God’s will

 E. To give a sign of His power and authority

2.  Rejoice:  With those He raised from the dead!

 A. The son of the widow of Nain – Luke 7:11-18

   1. The story from the widow

   2. People were saying John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah.  Elijah & Elisha raised widow’s sons (1 Kg.17, 2 Kg.4)

   3. “only son” – no man in family become destitute

   4. Jesus risked defilement touching the coffin

   5. It was public! Why done? Compassion!

 B. The daughter of Jairus – Mt.9; Mk.5: Lk.8:40-42, 49-56

   1. The story from Jairus

   2. Two parts: Lk 8:40-42 = ruler of Synagogue – pleading for 12 yr old son – Woman w/ issue of blood for 12 yrs

   3. Daughter dead!  Don’t bother!  Just believe!

   4. Coma? Trance? “her spirit returned”

   5. Keep it secret!  Why do it? Compassion!

 C. The brother of Mary & Martha & friend of Jesus, Jn.11

   1. The raising of Lazarus from Mary & Martha, vs.17-44

   2. Three key feelings of Jesus:

          * “deeply moved” – lit. to snort like a horse, anger

          * “troubled” – agitation, confusion, disorganization

          * “wept” – to burst out in tears

   3. Challenged Martha’s faith – “if you believe”

   4. Didn’t ask God to raise Lazarus – thanked him for having already answered his prayer!

   5. Demonstration of authority! Faith, compassion, sign

3.  Remember:  What these miracles tell us about God!

 A. The never changing power and authority of Jesus!

   1. Sign used by Elijah & Elisha!  Jesus is higher!

   2. “I am the resurrection and the life” Jn 11:25

 B. Both life and death are passages and tools to God!

   1. Birth is us and God creating life and a soul!

   2. Death is our transition to eternal life

 C. Resurrection is a real part of God’s plan.

   1. 1 Cor.15:42-44, the goal is a spiritual body

   2. vs.50, can’t get there like this

   3. If we are still living at the end = changed, but the same thing happens at death.

   4. Victory over death doesn’t wait! It’s immediate!


A. Cultural lying about life = real living?

B. Too busy living to include Jesus?

C. Jesus is the only way to live abundantly, Jn.10:10

D. Jesus is the only thing that connects life and the resurrection.