Jesus Study – Satan

Jesus Study – Satan

Jesus Study – Satan         

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Matthew 12:22-37                                    1-24-21

Bottom Line: Jesus wants us to understand what Satan does and how he works.


 A. We read this week about Saul becoming a follower of Christ. A dramatic change not believed in Jerusalem!

 B. Contrasting opinions about what we see! (Visuals)

 C. Sometimes it truly is a matter of right and wrong!

 D. Jesus healed a man who was demon possessed, blind, and mute. Not everyone saw it the same way.

   1. Matthew 12:22-24 People astonished! Son of David?

   2. Pharisees – “by Beelzebub” = Satan

 E. Jesus used the situation to teach about Satan

1. Satan won’t hurt himself! Vs.25-28 (vs.26 on PPT)

 A. The principle of division! It doesn’t help things grow!

 B. Who is glorified by this miracle? Driving out Satan?

 C. Recognize what has come upon you! The Kingdom!

2. Satan always weakens before he controls! Vs.29

 A. He rarely uses a direct attack!

 B. He uses character cracks! Small compromises and a rationalizing of the truth!

 C. Remember Lot? Chose close – surrounded – unthinkable – death – incest! Proverbial slippery slope!

3. Satan influences ungodly talk! Vs.30-37

 A. Jesus says, there is no neutral ground! For or against!

 B. Blasphemy against the HS not forgiven! Vs.31-32

 C. Your language reveals you heart! Vs.33-35

 D. We will answer for our careless words! Vs.36-37


A. What is the difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus?

   1. Brother vs. Celebrity!

   2. Family vs. fantasy!

   3. Lord vs. like!

   4. Friend vs. fan!

   5. A Savior vs. a story!

   6. A relationship vs. a membership!

 B. Does Satan influence your perspective of Jesus!

 C. Jesus said, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”

   * What is overflowing your heart?


Bible Study for Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Jesus Study: Matthew 12:22-37

1.  When have you been totally wrong about judging someone by their outward appearance?

2.  How can two people look at the same thing and see it differently? What are some examples of this?

3.  Why did the Pharisees accuse Jesus of healing the man by the power of Beelzebub?

4.  Why was it illogical for Satan to be behind the miracle? What argument did Jesus make to prove this?

5.  If Satan was not behind it, what is the only other explanations?

6.  What did Jesus mean with his analogy of needing to restrain a man before robbing his house? (vs.29)

7.  What does it mean to you that Satan uses “character cracks” to get control of people?

8.  Why is Lot a good example of starting down a road that became progressively worse?

9.  How does our words reveal our hearts?

10. What is the difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus? What are some examples of the contrast?

11. What is significant about “the overflow of the heart”? What does Jesus want us to understand about our heart?