Love One Another

Love One Another

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Love One Another                                                       2-27-22

Bottom Line: A successful church family is a family that has learned the priority of loving one another.


 A. I went to the movies a lot as a kid. It was cheap & fun!

   1. 4 movies a week; Thur. & Fri. change – then Sat. & Sun.

   2. Biggest bummer was going to see a romance movie!

 B. Part of a movie is okay, but a whole movie?!!

   1. Hallmark Channel vs. The Outdoor Channel

   2. Not a “guy thing” unless it’s a date!

 C. Gives us insight as to why we don’t like to talk about love at church? “Not another sermon on love?”

   1. Love = romance, mushy, lovey-dovey stuff! Not manly!

   2. Love is an overused superlative. We “love” everything!

 D. That is not biblical love! Not even remotely!

   1. Agape is not romance, mushy, or lovey-dovey!

   2. Agape is not even about liking somebody!

 E. “Love one another” is agape love not worldly love!

   1. Agape one another is God love = love like God does!

   2. John shows us how essential it is in 1 Jn.3,4, & 5

   3. Agape = love for God and one another are inseparable!

 F. Agape love is the kind of love taught, seen, and explained by Jesus throughout the Gospels!

   1. Love one another means love like Jesus did!

   2. Get rid of Hallmark love ideas – think agape! Think God!

 G. What does love one another really mean for a church family? (Not church-talk, but church life!)

1. One another love is choosing to see others the way God sees them!

 A. Choosing agape is choosing godliness!

 B. Can you see others through the eyes of God/Jesus?

 C. Would you have picked Peter, Simon the Zealot, or Matthew the tax collector? Why not?

2. One another love is forgiving those who are difficult to forgive!

 A. Remember Jesus’ challenge in Mt.5:43-48. Enemies = ALL

 B. Agape means we choose to move out of our comfort zones and show love with the help of God!

 C. Wash the feet of Judas! Forgive your Roman killers!

3. One another love is investing yourself in others in order to help them walk closer to God. (The best way to grow)

 A. The value of a soul transcends problems

 B. The challenge of building loving relationships (God’s plan)

 C. Intentional priorities and use of time – commitment.


A. Give me an action movie over a romance movie any day.

B. Love one another is action not talk. Truths to consider:

   1. It can’t ALL happen in the assembly.

   2. It can’t happen with every person in the church family.

   3. It can only happen in some form of house church.

       * A smaller circle of people to know & love

       * You can’t love God w/o loving the family of God!