My Story For Others

My Story For Others

My Story For Others                      1-13-19

Bottom Line:  We have been called to witness and share our story about Jesus with others. It is what love does!


 A. The problem with extremes battling it out, is the loss of the larger group caught in the middle.

   1. Kids in a divorce = hurt & lifelong problems!

   2. Politics & social issues = disappointment, detachment

 B. Some of our arguments, debates, and divisions in the church have done that…

   1. Culture & traditions blurred w/ doctrine

   2. Theoretical & meaningless fights: millennialism, HS

 C. The extremes and dogmatic teaching about evangelism have done that to many folks through the years.

   1. Legalistic requirements and expectations

   2. Demanding results & ignoring personalities & gifts

   3. Always effective & available for producing guilt

          * Matthew 28:19-20

 D. The few extremes and the larger do-nothing group, with no plans to change, cause those in the middle to be discouraged and detached!  A sad condition for the church

   1. An evangelical mindset can lead to an abuse of scripture.  Using passages out of context – proof texting!

   2. The principle of sharing from love is valid, but the expectation and presentation of scripture that everyone is an evangelist, a presenter of the gospel message, or called to use gifts not given to them – is a misrepresentation of the Bible message.

 3. Every Christian is not an evangelist or an Apostle, but we are ALL givers and soul lovers!   We are not called to “go and preach” but to stay, live, and share!

 E. Please, don’t let the extremes of soul-saving turn you into a detached and disinterested ambassador of Christ!

   1. Apostles were called by Jesus – evangelist by God!

   2. Like the Apostles, we have been called to witness and share when asked!  1 Peter 3:15-16 Answer & Example!

 F. Loving and sharing are what Jesus did!

   1. What the Apostles did!

   2. What the first brethren did – Acts 2:47

 G. Paul was an apostle (1 Cor.9:1), he challenged us to follow his example as he imitated Christ (11:1)

   1. He was sent to the Gentile world = travelling light!

   2. We’ve been called to live for Jesus = a local light!

   3. What can we learn from Paul? Same principles…

1.  Share when invited to share!

 A. Jesus (or Paul) never forced himself on anyone!

   1. Asked to speak! Paul was asked or got permission!

   2. Asked a question! John 4; Acts 22 – 24

 B. “Be ready” is more about your witness than your Bible knowledge.

 C. Uninvited sharing is often counterproductive.

2.  Share when given an opportunity!

 A. Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8

 B. Paul and the Jailor in Acts 16

 C. You and me in our daily life…

3.  Share because of cultivated relationships!

 A. Paul was intentional about sharing. 1 Cor.9:19-22

 B. The people God puts in our lives are souls!

 C. Sharing chances come as a result of time…

   1. Because of love and trust being built

   2. Because of witnessing a difference in you!

   3. Because of your presence in a time of need!


A. A witness senses, creates, and uses opportunities…

   1. Playing basketball with Stacy one Sunday afternoon

   2. Sharing books and DVD’s with Gardner

B. Start thinking about ONE MORE!

C. Maybe we’ve shared enough so that you’re thinking about becoming a child of God…