My Story My Smell

My Story My Smell

My Story My Smell                                          1-27-19

Bottom Line:  Becoming the aroma of Christ means we are growing, and showing we belong to Him.


 A. I love the English language!  Someday I’ll understand it.

   1. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

   2. Every rule has many exceptions! (I after e, except…)

 B. I especially love figures of speech in our language.

   1. They can give emphasis, clarity, color, ambiguity, fun, slants, or the opposite of all of these.

   2. Alliterations always attracts

   3. An oxymoron can cause painful pride!

   4. A hyperbole is the best ever! A thousand times better!

   5. There are dozens more but the most fun to say is onomatopoeia! Splat! Bang! Zip!

 C. My favorites are metaphors and similes – like twins!

   1. Metaphor = likeness or analogy, figurative, symbol

   2. Simile = comparing two unlike things w/ like or as

   3. She’s as fierce as a tiger = simile; She’s a tiger when she’s angry = metaphor

   4. The Rams win over the Saints was like a bank robbery!

   5. The referees had blindfolds on during the game!

 D. Paul loved to use metaphors & similes.  See 2 Cor.

   1. 2 Cor.3:1-3; We are letters from Christ

   2. 2 Cor.3:12-18; Heart veils

   3. 2 Cor.4:7-12; Jars of clay

   4. 2 Cor.5:1; Earthly tents

   5. More: Stumbling blocks, weapons, race, training, thorns, crowns, armor, and etc.

 E. My favorite figure of speech is in 2 Cor.2:14-17

   1. Some questioned & challenged Paul & his team

   2. His argument?  We are the aroma of Christ!

 F. As a description of our story, what does it mean to be the aroma of Christ?

1.  The aroma of Christ is a choice!

 A. We decide how we want to smell!

   1. I love the smell of meat on the grill, but…

   2. My After-Shave choices…(picture)

 B. Who smells it first?  God!  “…to God” vs.15

 C. We smell like Jesus because we are seekers!

2.  The aroma of Christ is the essence of Christ!

 A. We smell like what we do & who we are with!

   1. Smell is pervasive, all encompassing, can’t hide it!

   2. Metaphorically: “You’ve been around Jesus”

 B. Time increased means smell increased! 2 Cor.3:17-18

 C. This is Paul’s argument from consistency!

   1. vs.14-16, We smell like the knowledge of Him!

   2. We smell like life!

3.  The aroma of Christ comes from an offering made!

 A. Some were questioning Paul’s motives!

   1. Peddling the gospel for profit?  Stinks!

   2. “What do we smell like?”  Jesus!

 B. A total sacrifice means a total change! Rom.12:1-3

 C. Every element of our life is an offering to God!

   1. Glorify!  In the name of Jesus!  Everything!

   2. Love, grace, giving, & serving are what we do!


A. Early elk hunting: smell of musk?  Follow it!

B. What do you smell like to God?

C. An offering or a pig pen? Loves both, longs for one!