My Witness – From Triumphal Entry to End

My Witness – From Triumphal Entry to End

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My Witness – From Triumphal Entry to End         4-5-20

Introduction: Our witness of the resurrection is only as valid as our witness of His death and burial.


 A. Have you ever had an experience that took you from the peak to the pits faster than you expected?

   1. We all have these experiences and they contrast hurts

   2. My annual CO hunting trip – peak of the year, but one year, things went downhill w/o warning.

 B. Jesus had a peak that quickly turned into the pits

   1. Mt.21 Jesus’ Triumphal Entry – palms & hosannas!

   2. What where they thinking? The people, Apostles, and Jesus?  Other were watching too!

 C. How did it go from a triumphal entry to a triumphal end in just a few days?

   1. A series of event led to the crucifixion in just days

   2. From Mt.21:1-11 entry we can follow the evidence

          * Jesus goes to the Temple and cleans house

          * Returns and his authority challenged – vs.23

          * He taught parables that created guilt – 28 to 44

               Vs.45-46 plans to arrest him

          * More questions to trap him, 22:15-45, Key vs.45

          * Lesson that stung the leaders, ch.23-25

          * Plot against him, 26:1-5

 D. Five parts of the resurrection story: Last Supper, Trials, Crucifixion, Death & Burial, and Resurrection.

   1. No death and burial = no resurrection

   2. These were experts with death – he truly died!

1. Who were the witnesses of his death? 27:45-66

 A. Jesus and the Holy Spirit (told Luke) vs.45-50 Can you trust them?

 B. “many people,” Shocking events! Ignored or covered up? Can you trust Matthew?

 C. The centurion & soldiers, vs.54 Tough soldiers in fear?

 D. The ladies, vs.55-56, “many” watching! Trust them?

 E. Joseph of Arimathea, two Mary’s, vs.57-61, people who actually carried, touched, and examined him.  Trust?

 F. Pilate, Priests, and Guards, vs.62-66 Never concerned about his death but fraud! Key vs. is 64

2. What is significant about the absolute truth of Jesus’ death and burial?

 A. There was no deception and no doubt! Vs.64, for them the first deception was him being the Messiah, the 2nd was rising from the dead.

 B. There was consistent agreement by all that he died and no proof of fraud in anything.

 C. If his death and burial were real – what happened?


A. Recent Star Trek Picard, “Death is what gives meaning to life.”  Just philosophy?

B. Jesus w/ Martha after Lazarus’ death, Jn.11:23-27. It is just philosophy?

C. Six days earlier, dinner at Lazarus’ house to honor Jesus, John 12. Mary anoints his feet. Judas complains. Jesus said, “Leave her alone. It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” Vs.12


Bible Study from the lesson: My Witness – Triumphal Entry to End

Sunday, April 5, 2020

1.  What is your personal illustration of something in your life that quickly went from a peak to the pit?

2.  Skim Matthew 21 through Matthew 26:5 and point out all the things Jesus did that upset the religious leaders. Was there a “last straw” or had they decided what they would do before his Triumphal Entry in Matthew 21:1-11?

3.  Why is it essential for us to see Jesus’ death and burial as historical facts? Could that be an additional reason why Jesus wanted us to focus on his death during the communion he gave us?

4.  How many people could give witness testimony to the fact that Jesus was dead? Use Matthew 27:45-66.

5.  What is the significance of the fact that the authorities never questioned the evidence of his death?

6.  Look at Matthew 27:64 and discuss what the two “deceptions” might be that the chief priest and Pharisees were talking about.

7.  Read Acts 2:29-36, Acts 3:13, and Acts 7:51-53 and discuss the obvious facts of each speaker.

8.  If the death and burial of Jesus are undisputed, what are the options for explaining his empty tomb that Sunday morning?