My Witness – The Resurrection

My Witness – The Resurrection

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My Witness – The Resurrection                              4-12-20

Bottom Line: The resurrection is our primary story to believe, live, and witness to.


 A. I love stories of people who go from doubt to belief.

   1. It is a popular theme for movies and books

   2. The Hobbit is about changing feeling for Bilbo Baggins

 B. Our spiritual life is a journey towards a loving relationship with God.

   1. We must seek Him and draw close to Him

   2. Bible talks about going from babes to maturity in Christ

 C. Everyone’s journey follows a similar path

   1. It begins with opinion that becomes belief

   2. Belief turns into conviction and conviction turns into commitment.

 D. God helps us on this journey just like Jesus helped his apostles

   1. Belief was built over time – experience, evidence, & proof

   2. Jesus wants us to have proof – Acts 1:3

 E. Have you ever thought about how important our belief in the resurrection was to our walk with God?

   1. Second only to our belief in Jesus as the Son of God

   2. Romans 10:8b-10 Believe – confess – saved

 F. Our witness for Jesus is the proclamation that God raised Him from the dead. That proves that He is the Son of God and Savior of all.

   1. Not ONE part of faith but THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

   2. I can confidently witness that God raise Him from the grave! Why?

1.  The Bible says it and it is the most reliable source.

 A. Stood the test of time and critical attack

 B. It has more primary manuscripts than any other ancient texts.

          (Examples of famous books deemed factual met few)

 C. It has proven trustworthy for thousands of years

2.  The historical fact of Jesus’ death! (Last week)

 A. Many witnesses of his death

 B. Never questioned or doubted by those in authority

 C. There was a deceased body to deal with

3.  The Empty Tomb!

 A. Can’t dismiss the reality. When & how did it get that way?

 B. Two security measures: Roman seal; Roman Guard (16 usually)

 C. The tomb immediately became meaningless (and lost)

4.  It was discovered by a woman. (Mary, Mk.16:9)

 A. Women in society seen as unreliable witnesses

 B. No attempt to cover it up or explain away

 C. To start a false movement on that premise would have been disastrous. At least poor planning.

5.  No body or remains were ever found! Only a living Savior!

6.  There were hundreds of eyewitnesses of a resurrected Jesus.

7.  The testimony of transformed lives!

 A. Recorded thrills & doubts. Thomas, John 20:24-29

 B. Radical change in convictions, commitment & courage

 C. Missionaries – left families, homes, professions – travelled

 D. All but John died martyrs. John exiled. Next generation too!

8.  The complete conversion of an enemy of Jesus.

 A. Acts 9, 16, & 22 Saul to Paul, fighter to faithful

 B. He’s either a crazy lunatic or changed by a risen Savior

 C. “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain”

9.  The power to change people even today!

 A. Quote from Theologian Clarence Jordan: “The proof that God raised Jesus from the dead is not the empty tomb, but the full hearts of his transformed disciples. The crowning evidence that he lives is not a vacant grave, but a spirit-filled fellowship. Not a rolled away stone, but a carried away church.”

 B. We live again after or own resurrection: Rom.6; Eph.2:1-5

C. Everyday we proclaim his resurrection…

 – When we serve others because we have been served by the risen J

 – When we forgive the unforgiven because we have been…

 – When we reconcile broken relationships because we have been…

 – When we love the unlovable

 – When we prove the resurrection: despair turns to hope. Darkness gives way to light. Mourning turns to joy. Love conquers hatred. Real life happens! Resurrection happens


A. Our only witness needs to be the resurrection of Jesus.

B. Questions can be dealt with:

   * Why are you a Christian? Jesus rose from the tomb

   * How do you become a Christian? Believe Jesus rose

   * How do I share my faith? Witness to the resurrection

C. The resurrection of Jesus is the proof and the promise of our own resurrection!


Bible Study from the lesson: My Witness – The Resurrection

Sunday, April 12, 2020

1.  Since our spiritual life is a journey of growing, where are you in the journey from opinion to belief to conviction to commitment?

2.  The Bible says we walk by faith and not by sight. How do we harmonize using proofs to support our faith? Read Acts 1:3

3.   How important is the resurrection of Jesus to our belief system?

4.  When we talk about our spiritual witness for Jesus, is there anything more important than our confession that God raised Jesus from the dead?  Read Romans 10:9-10

5.  Discuss the reliability of the Bible as a source of information about the resurrection. Is it enough to say, “The Bible says it and that settles it”?

6.  In your opinion, what is the most profound proof or evidence for the factual truth of the resurrection?

7.  Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 and estimate how many people saw Jesus alive after his resurrection.

8.  Read John 20:24-29 and discuss what Jesus tells us today about his resurrection.

9.  How do we proclaim the resurrection of Jesus in our life today?