New, Knew, or Gnu? Covenant

New, Knew, or Gnu? Covenant

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New, Knew, or Gnu? Covenant                           1-9-22

Bottom Line: We are in a covenant relationship with God, which means we have promises to keep.


 A. What has been your biggest promises in life?

 B. Covenant is an agreement with a promise!

   1. Marriage, a contract, or a commitment.

   2. It is only as dependable as the ones who make it!

 C. The Bible is full of covenants: 2 to 12, most say 7

   1. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Priests, David, Jesus

   2. We are part of a New Covenant! Jeremiah 31:31-34

 D. NEW? Fresh? Knowledge? Wildly unique? YES!

   1. Jesus put it in place at the last supper – New covenant in my blood! LS represents a covenant with him and God!

   2. Our part is obedience to the New Command = covenant!

 E. Given at the same supper in John 13. John is different…

   1. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples = covenant

   2. A new command, vs.34-35, what covenant people do!

1. A new command I give you!

 A. Old but new, John explains in 1 John 2:7-8

 B. What is NEW? “I” = Jesus’ command to covenant people!

 C. “Love one another” nothing more essential or important!

2. Love as I have love you!

 A. Problem of commands without guidance! Opinions kill it!

 B. We know how Jesus loved us!

 C. Matt.16:24 is not a call to die but to live like him!

3. Men will know you are mine!

 A. What makes us disciples of Jesus? Doctrine? Truth?

 B. Love for one another is meant to be growing & obvious!

 C. 1 Peter 4:8, “Above all, love one another…” – 1st priority!


A. Ever had a passage you were reading in the Bible jump out at you? Happened many times for me!

B. 2 Kings 17:15, Israel has “rejected his covenant”!

“They worshipped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves.” (NLT)

C. When we value something as higher than God does, we lose our value before God!

   1. Self-righteousness or pride in our religion

   2. Exclusive and right!

   3. Doing church rather than being church!

   4. Minimizing love for one another!

D. Ignoring our covenant with God makes us worthless!