New, Knew, or Gnu? Life in Christ

New, Knew, or Gnu? Life in Christ

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New, Knew, or Gnu? Life in Christ                1-30-22

Bottom Line: A life given to Jesus should be changed by that decision.


 A. On November 22, 1963, I was 12 yrs old sitting in my 6th grade class. The teacher told us the President had be shot.

 B. I knew even then, things would never be the same.

   1. Technology made every part a national experience.

   2. Historically? It was the beginning of change in America like never seen before. Camelot was over!

 C. What events in your life were “It will never be the same” moments for you?

 D. People who spent time with Jesus were never the same!

   1. Peter, James & John: catching fish to fishing for people – Never the same!

   2. A demon possessed man named Legion, Lk 8: Never the same!

   3. Saul ran into Jesus on the road to Damascus, Acts 9 & 22 Never the same!

 E. Galatians 3:27, “…baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves in Christ.” What does that mean?

   1. Never be the same = newness of life = changed!

   2. Conversion is a changing experience, or it should be!

 F. Life is full of changes. An inevitable part of life!

   1. Changes by nature, time, & circumstances!

   2. Changes by choice. “I have decided to follow Jesus”

 G. Paul’s challenge to change in 2 Corinthians 3

   1. vs.6, new covenant; vs.8, new Spirit, vs12, new hope

   2. A new way to see, vs.13-16 w/o a veil! Vs.17-18 NEW!

 H. We have a new life in Christ, which means we will never be the same again! Change is a requirement!

1. The new life in Christ means freedom!

 A. vs.17, “the Spirit of the Lord is freedom”

 B. Many see being a follower of Jesus as a loss of freedom!

 C. Sin & desires enslave! Loss of control is enslavement!

2. The new life in Christ means we reflect his glory!

 A. Reflect? Light! Mirror! We shine for and one him!

 B. “with unveiled faces” = law or anything we look through

 C. The veil of church burden becomes driven by love!

3. The new life in Christ means being transformed!

 A. “into his likeness” = a journey of constant change!

 B. “ever increasing glory” = God is seen more and more…

 C. “comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” = we got help!


A. Sometimes, the more you care the more inadequate we feel!

B. 2 Cor.4, Paul called us “jars of clay” = about him not us!

C. Jesus in us makes us valuable! Clay full of Christ!