New, Knew, or Gnu? New Birth

New, Knew, or Gnu? New Birth

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New, Knew, or Gnu? New Birth                         1-2-22

Bottom Line: Our new birth in Christ allows us to have a relationship with the Father.


 A. This is a time of new gifts, new month, & a new year.

 B. A new series: New = fresh; Knew = knowledge; Gnu = wildly unique (Wildebeest = antelope; Africa, black/blue)

 C. What is NEW to God? Can anything be new to him?

 1. Everything he created was once new!

 2. Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun!

 D. What can be new to the Creator of all things?

   1. We are the only thing in all creation that can be new to God!

   2. A new birth gives us a new relationship with him!

 E. The birth of a child is the ultimate in new, knew, & gnu!

   1. Used by God to describe our change or transformation

   2. A new birth is God’s plan happening to us!

1. The new birth is a new relationship with God!

 (Read John 3:3-8 in The Message)

 A. Nicodemus was a sincere seeker! God loves seekers!

 B. “born from above” means accepting & receiving God = faith in God!

 C. The work of the Spirit is connecting w/ God!

2. The new birth is hope!

 (Read 1 Peter 1:3-5 NIV)

 A. What is a living hope? Not a wish but ownership!

 B. Incredible threefold blessing: a resurrection connection, an unperishable inheritance; shielded by God’s power!

 C. The final salvation = transformation to spirit!

3. The new birth is transformative!

 (Read 1 Peter 2:1-5 NIV)

 A. Things to dump! Vs.1

 B. Things to crave! Vs.2

 C. Things to become! Vs.5


A. What is your favorite story of birth, new birth, or transformation?

   * Moses?  * Captain America?  * Annie

B. One day we will take our last breath and we will be born again – transformed into an immortal, unperishable child of God – finally at home!