Seven Mountain Principles #7

Seven Mountain Principles #7

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Seven Mountain Principles #7                               6-12-22

Bottom Line: A relationship with God requires good choices.


  1. I have had to make a lot of tough choices recently.
  2. Classic story of choices: 1999 The Matrix. Morpheus offers Neo a Red pill for truth or a Blue pill for forgetting.
  3. An amazing message about truth and reality
  4. Do you want to know or ignore it? Choices?
  5. We need to finish off our series about Jesus’ Seven Mountain Principles by looking at choices!
  6. Principle #7: A relationship with God requires good choices!

1. Choices are essential and inescapable!

 A. Choices define us: choices over circumstances & talent

 B. Choices reveal our values: character and integrity

 C. Choices determine our destination

 D. Choices confirm our relationship with God

2. All Seven Mountain Principles are choices!

 A. God loves seekers (5:3-12)

 B. God loves honest transformation (5:13-20)

 C. God looks at hearts not egos (5:21-48)

 D. God is worshipped when we seek him (6:1-18)

 E. A relationship with God requires trust (6:19-34)

 F. A relationship with God changes how we treat others (7:1-12)

 G. A relationship with God requires good choices (7:13-27)

3. Jesus warns us about our choices!

 A. You will be in a minority! Vs.13-14

 B. People will try to change your mind! Vs.15-20

 C. Don’t let your choice just be talk! Vs.21-23

 D. Choose to build on the right foundation! Vs.24-27


A. Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, offers you a choice

   * Red pill = truth about God

   * Blue pill = forget him and live without him

B. Truth & reality are found in faith! A relationship with God that can only happen through Jesus’ Seven Mountain Principles.

C. Which pill did you take?