Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (4)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (4)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (4)   11-24-19

Bottom Line:  God gives us all the tools we need to have a growing relationship with Him.


 A. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is a series of AH-HA truths

   1. God loves seekers – please God by drawing close

   2. Choose real over ritual – heart over legalism

   3. Attitude drive application – love like God does

 B. Principle #4:  God gave us spiritual tools not religious rituals to perform.  Read Matthew 6:19-24

   1. What are treasures? Not money! Look at context!

   2. Easy Truth #4:  Tools are treasures

 C. Tools can be beautiful!  You have to love tools!

   1. They make us capable and productive

   2. They get better and we get better – do a better job!

 D. God gave us all the tools we need to know Him and grow in Him!  We just forget to see them as tools!

   1. Spiritual tools are not HOOPS to jump through

   2. They are first & foremost functional

   3. They exist to improve things

   4. They can be abused and misused

   5. God’s desire is to help and equip us

 E. Man elevates the importance of tools, which means…

   1. Tools become performance oriented

   2. Tools are turned into idols to be worshipped

   3. Tools become vehicles of self-righteousness

   4. Tools are used for comparative religion

   5. Tools reduce faith to a check list

   6. Tools become battle worthy and divisive

 F. Jesus is giving guidance for growing in love and being more consistently godly (5:43-48)

   1. He points us to three tools that are spiritual treasures

   2. We have emphasized the warning about being showy but that is only a sub-point not THE point!

 G. We must not miss what Jesus is saying here…

1. These tools are extremely important to Jesus!

 A. Of all the tools Jesus could have picked, why did he pick these three tools to talk about?

   1. These three have the greatest impact on our relationship with God!

   2. He assumes seekers of God will do these

          * “When you…” for all three

 B. All three deepen our relationship w/ God

2. These tools help us get close to God?

 A. Give, vs.1-4, Devotion, commitment, & sacrifice

 B. Pray, vs.5-15,    “                    “                      “

 C. Fast, vs.16-18,    “                   “                      “

3. Keep these tools treasures!  How? Why? Vs.19-24

 A. All are secret & private between you and God

 B. All show where are heart is

 C. All are treasures that are stored in heaven

 D. All declare who are Master it


A. Jesus in emphasizing how important our personal relationship with God is & how to build it!

B. God has done everything because He wants this!

C. Lyrics of “The God Who Stays” by Matthew West