Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (5)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (5)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know      12-1-19

Bottom Line: Don’t let worldly worries distract you from seeking a closer walk with God.


 A. We regularly talk about unknown burdens folks carry when we come together on Sunday.

   1. Culture and tradition of hiding them

   2. Yet Paul said to help each other, Gal.6:2

 B. What is weighing on you this morning or any morning?

   1. Use the Bulletin notes or your phone

   2. What are your three biggest Worry Weights?

 C. Some information about worrying:

   1. Average person worries 1 hour 50 min. a day – that is 28 entire days per year – 5 total years of adult life!

   2. A study says 84% have lost sleep over worrying

   3. Another study said 85% of what you worry about never happens. Worry is a tremendous waste!

 D. What is on your list?  Some lists to think about.

   1. Survey of 2000 – 42% unhappy w/ lives – top 20

   2. Shared list of 20 from Corporate CEO

   3. Teen research w/ top teen worries:

 E. Our worries define our values – what we care about!

   1. Concern – anxiety – worry = dominate & control

   2. Worry is the absence of peace

 F. Jesus knows it is a human tendency – so look where he goes after the 4th truth…

   1. God love seekers    2. Choose real over rituals

   3. Attitude drives application   4. Tools are treasures

 G. “Therefore” = Difficult to “lay up treasure is heaven”

   1. We have too many worries that distract us

   2. Phil.4:6-7, Paul says something similar

 H. Principle: You can trust God to take care of you if you will put Him first in your life.

   1.  Easy Truth #5:  God takes care of family!

   2. Matthew 6:25-34 “Therefore” = since it’s difficult…

1.  Accept God’s values of life! Vs.25

 A. Life is more then food, body more than clothes (looks)

 B. Satan’s twisted values: food over life, looks over body

 C. We worry about comfort & acceptance = wasted worry

2.  Accept God’s value of you! Vs.26-30

 A. See God’s providing in creation – birds & lilies

 B. See your value to God – “worth much more”

 C. Worry = “you of little faith” – How’s it working for you?

3.  Accept God’s promise to provide! Vs.31-34

 A. Worrying about appetites is worldly

 B. God knows what our needs are

 C. God promises to bless our godly choices


A. “Therefore” vs.34 = what God wants!

B. Let go of fake treasures = worry!

C. Don’t worry about tomorrow = treasure distraction

D. Seek God today with the treasure he gave us!

   1. Serve him, talk to him, focus on Him – build

   2. Best way to get rid of worry weights!