Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (6)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (6)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (6)     12-8-19

Bottom Line: Comparing yourself to others will never bring you into a closer walk with God.


 A. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie Coco!

   1. 12 yr old Miguel singing to his great-grandmother

   2. She is Coco & the song is what her Dad use to sing

 B. Coco is a very complicated plot about the Day of the Dead and what happens on that day.

   1. Miguel loves music, but it has been banned since his gg-grandfather left the family to perform – only picture of him had head torn off by gggmom Imelda – he concludes that his dad was famous Ernesto de la Cruz

   2. He is accidently transported to the land of the dead – can’t return w/o family blessing – Imelda won’t unless he give up music – he seeks Ernesto – Hector helps is he will take his pic back so he could see his daughter!

   3. Finds Ernesto! Great fun until he hears him met & talk to Hector – former partners – murder & stole music – finds out after tossed in cave Hector is his father.

   4. Imelda & others rescue & help – discover truth – reveal Ernesto – Miguel goes back w/o Hectors picture

   5. Sings Remember Me – Coco sings, show picture – one year later on D of D all return & Coco

 C. Point: Ernesto was nothing like he thought he was!

   1. Wanted to be just like him in every way!

   2. Knew his music! Quote lines from his movies!  But…

 D. Why do we compare ourselves to others!

   1. We model what we admire!

   2. Comparison is often competition!

   3. Comparing can be our need to feel superior to other – maybe self-righteous!

   4. Comparing ourselves to others is doable!  Comparing ourselves to God is a lot harder and usually avoided.

 E. Jesus presents us with a series of principles or truths.

   1. Matthew 5,6, & 7 is not a bunch of isolated lessons.

   2. It is all things we need to know if we want to genuinely have a relationship with God.

 F. There are seven things in this famous sermon:

   1. God love seekers   2. Choose real over rituals

   3. Attitude drives application   4. Tools are treasures

   5. God takes care of family

 G. Principle #6: Measuring your faith by others will never help you have a deeper relationship with God.

   1. Others may support & encourage, but they aren’t you!

   2. Easy Truth #6: Comparison destroys but commitment succeeds!

 H. Jesus has been encouraging us to not be driven by what others think about us or let worries distract us from seeking God!

   1. Part of “do not worry about tomorrow”? 6:34

   2. Don’t judge & compare to others, just trust in God!

       * Matthew 7:1-12

1.  Some principles about judging others, vs.1-6

 A. It is a boomerang! Vs.1-2, It comes back at you!

 B. It is a mirror! Vs.3-5, It reflects back on you!

 C. It is turning treasures to trash! Vs.6, God’s treasure!

2.  Some principles about trusting God!

 A. He always responds to seekers! Vs.7-8

 B. He is the BEST Father! Vs.9-11

 C. It is not The Golder Rule, it is God’s rule! Vs.12


A. Coco and the Day of the Dead is all about remembering

B. It won an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture, but also for Best Original Song – Remember Me

C. Isn’t what Jesus keeps saying to us in Matthew 5,6, & 7 “Remember Me” – God wants us to remember to seek Him!