Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know    11-3-19

Bottom Line:  The sermon on the mount is principles Jesus shared about what God wants to see in all of us.


 A. A favorite classic musical is Camelot.  Great music!

   1. Story of King Arthur and his knights – and a love story

   2. Sir Lancelot in play – “Sermon on the mount”

 B. The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, 6, & 7 is the only complete sermon of Jesus recorded.  First sermon!

   1. To the Jews in context but deeper principles!

   2. Trying to move all from law to spiritual principles

 C. I misunderstood it for years – not reinforcing or reinterpreting the OT – declaring it over! Contrast!

   1. He is fulfillment!  He changes everything to heart!

   2. They had missed the spirit of God’s purpose

 D. This was Jesus’ message for his entire ministry!

   1. What is his bottom line?  Boil it down!

   2. What are the principles he focuses on?

 E. Seven principles He wants everyone to get!

   1. Principle #1:  God wants everyone to love him back!

   2. Easy Truth:  God loves seekers! Matt.5:3-16

 F. Jesus is saying that God sees us differently when we seek him!

   1. Just like parents see their kids different than others!

   2. What does God see in us when we seek him?

1. I see who you are! Vs.3-10

 A. The Beatitudes is about God loving seekers!

   1. “Blessed” = Happy? Sort of – God is pleased! You are favored by God so therefore happy!

   2. These are messages of encouragement to seekers!

 B. What kind of things does he see?

   1. Poor in spirit = acknowledge spiritual bankruptcy, confess unworthiness before God, utterly depend on Him and cry out for mercy and help!

   2. Mourn? Over sin, personal and national!

   3. Meek? Absence of pretension but also treat others

   4. Hunger and thirst after righteousness = desire for God

   5. Merciful? Forgiveness and compassion

   6. Pure in heart? Inner moral purity but single-minded

   7. Peacemaker? Share gospel, reconciliation, delight in peace not division! Probably upset the Zealots!

   8. Persecuted for righteousness – opposition

 C. God sees your journey and He rewards in the end!

2. I see what you are up against!  Vs.11-12

 A. vs.10 persecution for righteousness now vs.11 ME

 B. Comparison to the prophets of old = get ready!

 C. Rejoice and be glad – great reward in heaven!

3. I see what you can be!  Vs.13-14

 A. “You” = everyone he was speaking to! You are God’s!

 B. Salt = taste and preserves = God’s influence!

 C. Light = truth, righteousness, God!  SHINE for Him!

“Flight into the invisible is a denial of the call. A community of Jesus which seeks to hide itself has ceased to follow him.”  D. Bonhoeffer


A. The Chief of Police in MD Sarge said, “I’ll work for him one of these days.” Even before I stepped down – Lt.

*Hobbits, wizards, Avenger (Captain, Spiderman), etc.

B. People in your life who could see your potential!

C. God sees seekers, he also sees family!