Shepherd Installation

Shepherd Installation

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Shepherd Installation                                                       8-1-21

Introduction and Comments:

 A. Hebrews 13:7, Probably the most important and challenging responsibility of a shepherd is being the right example to everyone.

 B. The Bible is clear even when we get confused:

   1. Shepherd’s have one job – Eph.4:11-13

   2. There should be one response – Heb.13:17

   3. Understand godly authority – Mark 10:42-45

 C. What kind of men?  Loving and spiritually mature

   1. 1 Tim.3 & Titus 1 not qualifications but description

   2. Two young ministers doing the appointing

 D. It was never meant to be a legalistic list! Why? Missing stuff!

   1. Nothing about love!

   2. Nothing about compatibility! Except inferences.

   3. Ministry was important and supported – 1 Tim.5:17

 E. Often thankless, tough, discouraging, dumped on, ignored

1. We have been blessed w/ a history of willing servants: Prayer

2. Invite all existing shepherds to the front

3. Reading of the Shepherd’s Covenant – Mike

4. New shepherds introduced and asked to join: Dewayne & John

5. Charge from Peter: 1 Peter 5:1-5

6. Charge to all shepherds – respond w/ I DO!

7. Call Cheryl & Evalyn to present the Towel & Basin (remain there)

8. Charge to the family – stand and respond w/ I DO!

9. Prayer and laying on hands of both couples

10. Song: God’s Family

Conclusion: Comments about submission – Eph.5:21