Simon Says – Baptism That Saves You!

Simon Says – Baptism That Saves You!

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Baptism That Saves You!                                         9-19-21

Bottom Line: Baptism is a command to obey and a spiritual tool to use.


 A. “And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.” Acts 22:16

 B. My baptism story: Didn’t understand! Later choice from doubts! Few remember – Knew God wanted me to!

 C. Few doctrines more debated and divided over than baptism. When to do it and what does it accomplish?

   1. Word created by doctrine – transliterated from Greek

   2. Ritual or act? Immersion = total commitment!

 D. God is simple and clear. Plan of salvation is complex and problematic. Jigsaw puzzle theology. Jesus was clear & simple. Mk.16:16 Believe and be baptized!

 E. Like the Lord’s Supper, baptism is a spiritual tool from God to help us in our relationship with Him.

 F. Some things about baptism you may not have known:

1. Baptism is our covenant vow to God. Gal.3:26-27

2. Baptism is what God wants and Jesus obeyed.

          * Mt.3:14, “fulfill all righteousness” = right thing to do

3. Baptism symbolizes our connection with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Rom.6:3-5

4. Baptism is regeneration and rebirth. Titus 3:4-7

5. Baptism connects our heart to the resurrection and to God! 1 Peter 3:21 Three important lessons:

 A. Water symbolized salvation!

 B. It is not a bath but obedience!

 C. It is a pledge of a good conscience toward God = a heart relationship! A decision not a ritual act! Not for children!


A. Is baptism essential to salvation? Can we be saved without it?

   1. What commands from God are non-essential?

   2. What is not covered by God’s grace? Does God see us on a journey? Seekers? Walking in the light?

B. Two important questions for you:    James 4:17

   1. Do you know what the right thing is?

   2. What if this was the last invitation you heard?