Simon Says – Live in Harmony

Simon Says – Live in Harmony

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Simon Says – Live in Harmony          8-29-21

Bottom Line: If we truly represent Christ, we must strive for unity in His body.


 A. There is nothing that sounds better than good four-part harmony!

   1. Competition quartet in High School – chorus years

   2. Gospel groups, Acappella, Gaither Vocal, The Martins, Pentatonics, and favorite hymns

 B. How does it work? Harmony: the combination of simultaneous musical notes in a chord; a pleasing arrangement of parts.

   1. Example of how harmony works

   2. Song: Jesus Loves Me (chorus only – Key of C)

 C. Peter’s challenge: 1 Peter 3:8-9 “Finally, live in harmony”

   1. Conclusion to his call for submission & following Jesus

   2. Four parts: sympathetic, love as brother, compassionate, and humble

 D. What is so special about harmony?

1. Harmony means being different but supportive!

 A. Gifts and talents to edify and encourage one another

 B. Called to bless! Vs.9 (“Love One Another” = harmonic)

 C. Phil.2:1-4, thinking about others

2. Harmony means different but essential!

 A. Families are united, but each person is different!

 B. Without differences, how would we learn to give?

 C. Eph.4:15-16, “each part does it’s work”

3. Harmony means being different but beautiful!

 A. When a plan comes together it is beautiful! BA!

 B. God’s plan in Christ – From the cross to the resurrection!

 C. In Christ, God’s plan comes together – Rom.12:5-8


A. What does it mean to be the body of Christ?

   * 1 Cor.12:24-26, all important and essential

   * vs.27, it is what we are

B. What do we look like? Body = Jesus; also the Bride of Christ! Both mean we look good to God!