Simon Says – Purified

Simon Says – Purified

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Simon Says – Purified                                                 8-8-21

Bottom Line: Purification is what God does to make us holy.


 A. Are we turning into a generation of germophobes?

   1. Because of Covid we have worried about everything.

   2. How much has it changed you?

 B. We all have our own personal level of germ tolerance!

   1. The Five Second Rule

   2. The Pacifier Quandary

 C. So much depends on our personal perspective!

   1. More germs are on the kitchen counter than the toilet!

   2. Sheets? Towels? Rinsed out coffee mugs?

 D. Drinking water verse contaminated water! (Illustration)

 E. We like things to be pure! So does God! OT Numbers reading about purified w/ a goat offering at every feast.

   1. 1 Peter 1:22-25 NIV

   2. Purification is what God does to clean us up!

1. Purification is an act of God!

 A. Peter said “You” not God?

   * hegnikotes in Gr.= a state that results from regeneration

 B. We respond to God’s cleansing by cleaning up our lives

 C. Obeying the truth = cleansed to be clean

2. Purification is in the heart not the body!

 A. A sincere love for you brethren! Love is always the proof!

 B. From the heart! It has to be the real thing!

 C. Born again? Not the flesh but the Word of God = Jesus!

3. Purification is not a feeling but faith!

 A. Choose to live by the word = Jesus, because of God’s love

 B. The Word is reliable = stands forever!

 C. Purified by God – even if we don’t feel it!


A. So what? God made us pure when we weren’t, and he keeps on cleansing us as we walk in the light!

B. Someone paid for my breakfast! Amazing anonymous act!

C. Just try to pay for your sins! What do you have to offer?