Simon Says – Royal Priests

Simon Says – Royal Priests

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Simon Says – Royal Priests                                        8-15-21

Bottom line: The priesthood of believers means we all have access to a personal walk with God.


 A. We all love to have access to things and places!

   1. Keys, directions, combinations, permission, guest, etc.

   2. Story of being locked out of the house when garage door broke. We had no keys to any doors.

 B. A classic book came out the year before I was born.

   1. Four children in 1940 London, sent to stay in an old country house owned by Prof. Kinke. Big, rooms, antiques…

   2. Peter, Susan, Edward, & Lucy explore, feel abandoned

   3. Lucy discovers an old wardrobe – access to Narnia

C. Learn from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, that access can be life changing!

   1. Mark 2, paralytic w/ 4 friends, open roof, access to Jesus

   2. John 21, Peter & others fishing, stranger says throw net on the right side, huge haul, John, “It’s the Lord!” Peter does a 100 meter free style for access to Jesus.

 D. A beautiful passage is missed because we don’t see the message about access to God!

   1. 1 Peter 2:9-10, several things that God did for us!

   2. Strangest? Royal priesthood = priesthood of believers! Royal means connected to the house of a King!

 E. What is so special about being a royal priesthood?

  * God showed us how to open the door to Him!

1. It means we are God’s hand-picked people!

 A. Levites/priests replaced the 1st born belonging to God

 B. Impressive list: Chosen, Holy, Belonging, People of God, received mercy!

 C. ONLY priests could enter God’s tent or tabernacle

2. It means that we are God’s talkers!

 A. Priests carried the message of God to the people!

 B. vs.9, “that you may declare the praises of him who called you”

 C. We talk to him and he talks to us! Personal!

3. It means that we are God’s representative!

 A. Even when not talking or proclaiming his message!

 B. We represent his “wonderful light”

 C. Sometimes it is more important for others to see light than hear a lecture.

4. It means that we are God’s conduit for giving and sacrifice!

 A. Priests did all the sacrifices – connecting others to God!

 B. vs.5, holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices, Rom.12

 C. God takes care of his priests!


A. The language of access – drawing close to God – love

B. He gave us the combination – The Door is Jesus, Jn.14:6

C. First time shared: Great feast of Pentecost, Act 2