Simon Says – Suffer As A Christian

Simon Says – Suffer As A Christian

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Simon Says – Suffer As A Christian                           10-10-21

Bottom Line: If we are living for Jesus as we should, any suffering we endure must always glorify God.


 A. 500 years ago this week, William Tyndale was burned at the stake by order of the Pope for heresy. His crime was translating the Greek Bible into English.

   1. Not worldly persecution but from the church

   2. Suffering and persecution comes from many directions

 B. Suffer = to endure death, pain, or distress; to endure loss or damage; to submit to or be forced to endure.

   1. Suffering is simply defined as pain!

   2. To suffer or persecuted for our beliefs is rare today.

 C. The scariest words to hear at school? Clear off your desk, get out a pencil & piece of paper! Time for a Pop Quiz!

   1. Persecution Quiz: not only a title but a description!

   2. 0 – 10, w/ 0 = never and 10 = a lot or often! 10 questions

 D. Grafting out the scores: line going from 0 to gradual up!

   1. We don’t suffer very much for our faith

   2. Struggling is not always suffering, and not always bad!

 E. 1 Peter 4:12-19, Peter wanted them to have a godly perspective on what it means to suffer as a Christian.

   1. What or who causes us to suffer or struggle?

   2. Three sources or kinds of struggles in 1 Peter 4:12-19

1. Others and me! Suffer or struggle because of others?

 A. vs.12-13, Don’t be surprised and choose joy!

 B. vs.14, Turn insults into blessing!

 C. vs.15-16, If you suffer, not because of evil; if as a Christian – praise God!

2. God and me! Suffer or struggle because of God?

 A. Can it possibly be God’s will? Vs.19

 B. If so, commit even more to Him!

 C. “Continue to do good!” – Bitterness is ungodliness!

3. Me and me! Suffer or struggle because of me?

 A. The perceived struggle of missing out?

 B. The struggle of authenticity! Vs.17-18

 C. The struggle to draw close to Jesus! It never stops!


A. The Chosen is the best thing ever put on a screen!

B. Love the back stories and depictions of characters

C. The struggle of Nicodemus – follow Jesus or not!