Simon Says – The End Is Near

Simon Says – The End Is Near

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Simon Says – The End Is Near                             10-3-21

Bottom Line: We must live always expecting Jesus to return.


 A. 1960 classic movie, The Alamo with John Wayne, starred, directed, and produced. Great cast w/ huge sweeping battle.

   1. 13 days holding of Santa Anna’s army for Sam Houston

   2. Very little historical accuracy but still very moving

 B. They knew the end was coming! What did they think about over those last few hours?

 C. How do you think about the end? Death or 2nd coming?

   1. Is it the end or the beginning?

   2. When does sight give way to faith? Live vs. eternity?

 D. 1 Peter 4:7, “The end of all things is near”

   – MSG, “Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up”

   – NLT, “The end of the world is coming soon”

 E. Most translations missed a connective “de” that joins vs.7 with vs.5-6 = “now” or “but” = the Judgement of God!

   1. “is near” is Gr. perfect tense = sense of “has drawn near”

   2. The idea is that “all is in readiness”

 F. The time is right for Jesus to come! 2000 years ago!

   1. So what? Peter answers w/ “Therefore” = so…

   2. Literally means it could happen! No reason not to!

 G. Three words about this biblical truth:

1. Deflection

 A. We have an “other guy” mentality about responsibility!

 B. Deflect = avoid, postpone, dismiss…

 C. Peter learned this lesson early

2. Reflection

 A. vs.7 Have a clear mind! Esp. about the end!

 B. Self-control so that you can pray! Make it happen!

 C. Get close to God! Now!

3. Perfection

 A. Direction or walk in the light! Choice! Seeker!

 B. vs.8, “Above all love” – primacy of love – agape = choice

 C. What does it look like to be going in the right direction?

   1. Hospitality w/o grumbling

   2. Use God-given gift to serve others (minister to)

   3. Speak the very words of God

   4. In all things God praised!


A. Paul’s last days and his last writings…

B. His perspective on the end! 1 Tim.4:6-8

   1. Departure = travel not finish!

   2. Fought the good fight = nothing easy for him

   3. Finish the race, kept the faith = direction, walk, seeking

   4. NOW = this is what I have to look forward to!

C. What is your “NOW”?