Special Moms

Special Moms

Special Moms                                                                  5-10-20

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Bottom Line: Other than Jesus, Moms tend to be the most influential people in our life.


 A. Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom and Grand-Mom

   1. Birth, adoption, or mentor – all are special people

   2. Hope all your memories of Mom are good ones!

 B. I struggled with what to say that hasn’t been said many times.

   1. Moms in the Bible – always good but always tough w/ so little

   2. Sarah at 90? Mary and virgin birth of the Messiah? Eve?

 C. The last thing you want to do today is to compare yourself to the wife and mother of Proverbs 31!

   1. PJ’s and coffee! Sick of being homebound! Eating too much!

   2. I love The Greatest Showman but I don’t want to be compared to Hugh Jackman!

 D. What if we reinterpreted Proverbs 31 through the eyes of this Pandemic? Proverbs 31 vs. Pandemic 2020?

1. vs.10-14, She is RARE!

 A. Hard to find? Because she’s mine! The only mom I have!

 B. Her husband trusts & has no regrets

 C. She’s never spiteful, treats generously

 D. She shops; brings back exotic surprised

2. vs.15-24, She is INDUSTRIOUS!

 A. Up early fixing breakfast for family

 B. Organize day

 C. Investing w/ money she saved

 D. Plants a garden, works all day late

 E. Skilled in crafts for home & hearth

 F. Quick to assist and help poor

 G. Prepares family for winter

 H. Husband greatly respected

 I. Designs & sells clothes

3. vs.25-27, She is POSITIVE!

 A. Clothes well made & elegant

 B. Face tomorrow w/ a smile = it’s what mom’s do!

 C. Speaks things worthwhile & kind = it’s what mom’s do!

 D. Keeps her eye on everyone, busy & productive = what moms do!

4. vs.28-31, She is LOVED!

 A. No need to reinterpret. Still true today!

 B. Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praise!

    *Festoon = decorate, adorn, or cover with praise!


A. You are worth more than rubies (NIV) or diamonds (MSG)

B. Makes me rethink my feelings about equal rights for men & women

   1. Believe strongly in it – economically, politically, & religiously

   2. Different children of God but still children, loved & equal before God

C. But when it comes to Mom’s – I don’t believe in equality! Nothing is equal to a mother’s love, care, and impact in our life! You are special!

   1. Not just for one special day but every day

   2. The last person Jesus cared for on the cross was his mother

D. Even the Son of God recognized that Mom’s are special

E. He is the only person in our life that is more important!

   1. He wants us to be together with our Mom’s eternally

   2. Our soul is the most valuable thing we own – give it to God


Bible Study from: Special Moms

Sunday, May 10, 2020

1.  If you were going to do a Mother’s Day study based on a mother in the Bible, who would you pick? Why? Who would you never pick?

2.  Proverbs 31 is a description of the ultimate wife and mother at that time and in that culture. How do you feel about it? Do you enjoy it or not? Why?

3.  How would our culture today define “A good woman” (Messenger)? What about “A wife of noble character” (NIV)?

4.  Would you say they (#3) are “hard to find”? Why?

5.  “Her husband trusts her” (vs.11, MSG). How important is trust in a marriage relationship?

6.  In verses 15-24, she is busy and industrious. Would you say that is a standard description for all Moms? Why?

7.  How important is a Mom’s influence in setting the tone for how happy and joyous the atmosphere is in a home?

8.  “A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  What does it mean to fear the Lord as a way of life?

9.  Why are Moms the “exception to the rule” when it comes to equality?