Teach & Admonish One Another

Teach & Admonish One Another

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Teach & Admonish One Another                              3-13-22

Bottom Line: Teaching and admonishing one another is a giving and receiving part of love.


 A. Teachers are special people who have little or no idea how much they impact the lives of those they teach.

   1. We need to honor teachers more.

   2. Good teachers never have to wonder if they have made a difference.

 B. My honor role of teachers… (1st thru 6th grade)

   1. They molded and impacted my life!

   2. Far more than sports and movie celebrities!

 C. Two biblical truths about teachers:

   1. For some, teaching is a gift from God. Eph.4:11

   2. For everyone, teaching is a responsibility of love!

 D. Col.3:15-17 Our responsibilities as disciples of Jesus:

   1. Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts!

   2. Be thankful!

   3. Let the word of Christ dwell in us richly!

   4. Teach and admonish one another! (w/ gratitude)

   5. Do everything in the name of Jesus! (Giving thanks)

 E. How do we teach and admonish one another?


 A. Nothing inspires us like seeing others accomplishing it!

 B. Jesus’ last teaching to apostles, Jn.14:13-14

 C. Who inspired you? Who do you inspire?


 A. Gal.2:20, “…I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

      * 1 Cor.11:1 “Imitate me as I imitate Christ”

 B. Seeing a transformed life is the greatest teacher

 C. The single biggest disconnect in parental teaching…


 A. Part of carrying one another’s burden is supporting them

 B. Support is what love does! Family, friends, & church

 C. Support is unselfish and thoughtful (result of thankful)


 A. Teaching & admonishing each other = growing together!

  MSG, “Instruct & direct one another using good common sense.”

 B. I teach, but I am also taught!

 C. Paul said we do it when we sing! How? Why?


A. What was the best sermon you ever heard?

B. What was the best sermon you ever saw?

C. Poem from Edgar Guest