The Spirit of One Another

The Spirit of One Another

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The Spirit of One Another                   2-20-22

Bottom Line: The one another passages are the bones in the Body of Christ.


  1. What are some words in the Bible that have strong and deep meaning to you?
  2. Savior, Lord, truth, compassion, or love
  3. My journey with the word grace
  4. There are very few more meaningful words than “one another”. They incorporate so many other concepts.
  5. So many special messages and memory verses
  6. Changes with different translations – one to each
  7. In terms of church life – one another passages are the bones of the Body of Christ. The hold up everything.

1. We are all know the blessings of One Another. (For me)

 A. On a basketball team – shared unity

 B. Part of a campaign group – shared commitment

 C. Member of a Police Station – shared purpose

 D. With hunting buddies – shared passion

 E. Ministry partners – shared mission

 F. Church family – all of the above – love is part of all!

2. Be ware of One Another Killers!

 A. Institutionalism: corporation rather than family

 B. Individualism: one body part over the whole

 C. Consumerism: shop until everyone else drops

3. Jesus calls his followers to One Another responsibilities!

 A. Using the NASB, I found 26 one another concepts

   1. Love one another: Jn.13; 15; 1 Thess.3; 4; 1 Jn.& 2 Jn

   2. Build up one another: Rom.14:19

   3. Same mind w/ one another: Rom.15

   4. Accept one another: Rom.15

   5. Admonish one another: Rom.15; Eph.5

   6. Greet one another: 5 place, 3 w/ kiss

   7. Care for one another: 1 Cor.12

   8. Bear one another’s burden: Gal.6:2

   9. Bear w/ one another in love: Eph.4:2

   10. Be kind, tender, forgiving to one another: Eph.4:32

   11. Subject yourselves to one another: Eph.5:21

   12. Consider one another more important: Phil.2

   13. Teach & admonish one another: Col.316

   14. Comfort one another: 1 Thess.4:18

   15. Encourage one another: 1 Thess.5; Heb.3 &10

   16. Build up one another: 1 Thess.5

   17. Live in peace w/ one another; 5:13

   18. Seek what is good for one another; 5:13

   19. Do not speck against one another: Jam.4

   20. Confess your sins to one another: Jam.5

   21. Fervently love one another from the heart: 1 Peter 1:22

   22. Above all, love one another: 1 Peter 4:8

   23. Be hospitable to one another: 4:8

   24. Serve one another: 4:10

   25. Show humility for one another: 5:5

   26. Fellowship with one another: 1 Jn.1:7


A. Did you attend the Super Bowl last week?

B. Virtual experience watching game, half time, crowd…

C. There was nothing One Another about it. Even w/ a party!

D. One another only matters when we are with one another!