Tough Stuff from Jesus (11)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (11)

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Tough Stuff from Jesus (11)                                 5-30-21

Bottom Line: Forgiving others is not an option if we want to be forgiven ourselves.


 A. The parable of the Stone Burdens: a never-ending assault on our life that we CHOOSE to maintain.

 B. Why do we fail to forgive others? Many reasons including

   1. We allow ourselves to be defined by our hurts

   2. We like the fire and the passion of remembering

   3. We believe carrying the burden is somehow payback

   4. We can’t say “NO” to our pride

   5. We are ungrateful for the forgiveness given to us

   6. We aren’t growing in Christ

 C. Jesus’ parable of the Unmerciful Servant, Mt.18:23-34

   1. Principle of passing on forgiveness

   2. God’s “cause and effect” promise, vs.35

 D. Tough Stuff from Jesus? Mt. 18:21-22 – Shock & Surprise to his apostles and to us! They had two basic assumptions:

   1. Assumption: There are limits to forgiveness!

   2. Assumption: The more you forgive the more spiritual you are!

 E. How would Jesus define forgiveness?

   1. Forgiveness is God removing your burden, and us letting it go!

   2. Forgiveness is God’s gift of grace gladly given!

     * By God or us? Yes!

 F. Forgiveness is tough because of the myths we believe…

1. Forgiveness doesn’t remove hurt!

 A. Forgetting was never part of the deal!

 B. There is no healing without forgiveness! We choose!

2. Forgiveness doesn’t absolve the one forgiven!

 A. Those Romans murdered Jesus! Still guilty!

 B. Jesus’ need to forgive them – they didn’t want or need it!

3. Forgiveness isn’t about being magnanimous!

 A. We aren’t super Christians, we are saved sinners!

 B. If it is only for show the burdens won’t go!

4. Forgiveness may be limitless but not blind!

 A. We learn and grow from experience!

 B. Nothing about forgiveness means you let it happen again

5. Forgiveness is not about law but love!

 A. Love your enemies, but mostly love Jesus!

 B. This is why it is not a numbers game! Forgiveness must be a heart activity! Remember vs.35, “from the heart”


A. We love to talk about “What’s essential to salvation” – forgiving others is indisputable! Jesus was clear!

B. We miss something very important. Did Jesus understand that this was tough? Did he understand that it was a process? Becoming like a child was essential too! How?

C. “Take my yoke and learn of me” – he will help us grow into forgiving children of God! With his help we can do it!

D. Not overnight but one stone at a time!