Tough Stuff From Jesus (2)

Tough Stuff From Jesus (2)

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Bottom Line: Godly living requires us to make some very tough choices.

Tough Stuff From Jesus  (2)                                  3-28-21


 A. Doing a CID death notification to a young couple about their baby. Crushingly painful and sad.

 B. David was fasting and praying about his sick baby.

   1. I wonder if he did some remembering back to why?

   2. Lust turned to sex turned to deception & murder!

 C. How could “a man after God’s own heart” need a Nathan to point out his sins?

   1. It’s good to be king. Stopped challenging himself.

   2. A series of choices and a lack of restraint.

 D. Sex sin is universally challenging. A drive meets temptation and w/o self-control we give in.

 E. Jesus was very tough on sex sin! Matt.5:27-30

   1. Technically righteous? Divorce, polygamy, etc.

   2. To look and lust is adultery of the heart. More than a passing thought or temptation. Dwelling on & fantasy!

 F. The context must drive our understanding of this.

   1. Talking to folks who are seeking to please God!

   2. As seekers, we are salt and light to the world!

   3. Our righteousness must rise above the Pharisees!

 G. Sex sinning is bad, but why is this so tough?

1. Being technically/legally good is not godly good!

 A. Jesus has moved the battle ground to the heart!

 B. Sex sin may be victimless, but it’s not guilt free!

 C. Murder & adultery are only some results of an ungodly heart! Legally good works for man but not for God!

2. Your heart is affected by what you choose to think about!

 A. GIGO is still true. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”

 B. Porn is private but still poison. Does calling it entertainment make it okay? We rationalize lust & cheapen grace if we are not careful!

 C. “You are what you eat.” We are what we think.

   * Why Paul wrote Phil.4:8, think about these things!

3. Godliness requires some tough choices!

 A. Self-control is tough: reason for addictions! Can’t say “NO” to our drives. Make choices that lead to slavery!

 B. Removing temptations is tough but vital – Jesus said!

   1. Gouging eye = sexual sins begin w/ what we see!

   2. Cutting hand = the allure of sin is what feels good!

 C. The courage to be radical about removing temptations!

   1. Being secret only increases the sense of guilt!

   2. Being dishonest destroys our peace with God! Ps. 51


A. Is it better to go to heaven missing parts than to go to hell whole?

B. There are no missing parts in heaven.

C. Using self-control & restrain now is nothing compared to eternity in heaven w/ God!

D. Really not missing anything! Not postponing fun and quality of life! Joy & peace in God’s love is quality living!

E. Choose your Master carefully!


Bible Study for Sunday, March 28, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus (2)

1.  What were the consequences of David committing adultery with Bathsheba? How many people were impacted?

2.  How did he get to the point in his walk with God where it took Nathan to point out to him how wrong he was? Why didn’t he get it?

3.  In Matthew 5:27-30, Jesus condemns both adultery and lusting. What is the context for why he is says this? (vs.13-14 & 20)

4.  What do you think it means to be technically good but not godly good?

5.  How is our heart impacted by what we choose to think?

6.  In what ways do we tend to compromise what we put into our hearts?

7.  Why does godliness require some tough choices?

8.  How serious was Jesus about removing temptations from ourselves? Was he being literal or figurative? What was his point?

9.  Why is secret sin so dangerous? What does it hurt?

10. What was Jesus really saying when he talked about going to heaven without an eye or a hand?